Like a lot of parents I received a lengthy Christmas list from my kids earlier this month. That got me thinking. There really is nothing like that moment of anticipation that I used to have on Christmas morning as I woke up wondering if Santa had come through with all of my wishes. As an adult I just can’t capture that feeling anymore. For some reason — I don’t want to pull a Lurch and ruin the ending — I just don’t write a letter to Santa anymore. But I thought maybe I’d try this year and write a Christmas wish list for all DC sports fans.

Dear Santa,

(1) Can the Washington Redskins draft a franchise quarterback? These last two seasons have been painful. The Donovan McNabb experiment was a complete dud and Rex Grossman and John Beck have been underwhelming to say the very least. Maybe, just maybe, Santa can bring the Redskins Robert Griffin III or Matt Barkley next season and let’s just hope they’ll be under center for the next decade. Barkley threw 37 touchdowns with just 9 interceptions this season at USC while completing 69% of his passes. Meanwhile RGIII won the Heisman while tossing 36 touchdowns with just 6 interceptions and a ridiculous 72.4% completion percentage. Both would look fantastic in a Redskins uniform.

(2) Can Alexander Ovechkin return to MVP form? The two-time MVP is currently ranked 69th in the NHL in scoring. 69th! With just 11 goals and 12 assists so far this season OV may not even be worthy of the All-Star game this year. Remember when we used to argue that he was the best player in the game? Now he’s not even the best player on the Caps. Santa, can you bring back the OV of a few years ago. Where did he go?

(3) Can you give John Wall a jump shot? The Washington Wizards were able to draft the dynamic John Wall last season with the number one pick in the NBA Draft. His rookie season was strong. Wall averaged 16.4 points per game while dishing out over 8 assists. Still, his jump shot was shaky at best. On the year Wall shot just 40% and beyond the arc his percentage was below 30%. Wall may be as quick as anybody in the NBA but if he could shoot more consistently he might be unstoppable. Santa, can you give John Wall a “J”?

(4) Can you keep Stephen Strasburg healthy this year? We only got to see Strasburg five times in 2011. In that brief September stint Strasburg was dominant striking out 24 batters in 24 innings with a 1.50 ERA. If Strasburg can stay healthy look for the Nats to improve this year and possibly contend for a Wild Card.

Thanks Santa. I don’t want to be too greedy. Cakes dubbed DC “Loserville” earlier this week and it would be awesome if a couple of the local teams could turn it around.

J.P. Flaim

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has purchased “Chasing Rocky” already. I am truly humbled by the interest and I hope to have some book signings in January. FYI, the book is now available on, and You can also snag it for Kindle, Nook and Kobo with the Ipad coming soon. Please feel free to review and like “Chasing Rocky” online as that can help land it onto the shelves at local bookstores.


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