By: Brendan DarrBy Brendan Darr

It’s being reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars could potentially be interested in Maryland head coach Randy Edsall.  For the second time in the last week someone has mentioned his name as a candidate for the job, this time it’s Dan Pompei from the National Football Post.

From his Things I didn’t Used To Know section:

“A darkhorse candidate for the Jaguars job is Maryland coach Randy Edsall. It may be tough to hire a coach who is coming off a 2-10 season, but there is some sentiment in the Jaguars offices that Edsall would be a fit. Edsall coached Jaguars defensive backs for four seasons and is respected by members of the front office. He is a Tom Coughlin disciple who coached under the former Jaguars coach at three stops, and also played for him at Syracuse.”

I think this is a great idea for both parties.  Edsall has proven that in a major market his way just does not work.  It’s very blunt, but true.  His ‘My way or the highway’ attitude with the players, media and fan base turned many against him.  You know what? That can work in the NFL.  The fan base is upset with him over the 2-10 season and the loss of so many players transferring out.  It’s just crazy enough to work.

Coughlin has proven you don’t need to be the friendliest person with the media and your players to succeed. You can be as secretive as Bill Belichick and still succeed.  Jacksonville is the #50 media market in the country, opposed to market #8 for DC, or #4 if you combine Baltimore and DC.  He’ll be much more comfortable without so much media scrutiny.

Will it be difficult for the Jaguars to sell Edsall to their fan base after he went 2-10 last season? Absolutely.  However, can they point to his past success at UConn and what he did there to sell him? It worked initially in College Park.  Edsall has denied the rumors, but with a second credible NFL source coming out with the story, possibly something is there.

In other news, it was reported by that earlier today, Mike Locksley has agreed to become the new Offensive Coordinator at the University of Maryland.  While the information is not confirmed by the school, yet, the announcement is expected tonight.

picture 5 Terps Football Updates on Edsall, Locksley

Locksley, the former New Mexico coach who went 2-26, returns to Maryland 10 years after he left.  From 1997-2002 Locksley was the running backs coach and recruiting coordinator.  Locksley left to take the same position at Florida, before moving on to Illinois to become the offensive coordinator.  Locksley is known as a phenomenal recruiter and will certainly help bolster the Maryland coaching staff.

However, Locksley does not come without some risk attached.  He had several incidents in his time at New Mexico, including hitting an assistant.  Locksley, as previously stated, also finished just 2-26 in his 2+ years at the helm of UNM.  The final straw was an 0-5 start to this season after he lost to FCS Sam Houston State (although, SHSU is undefeated and in the FCS Championship Game).

Locksley will be taking over for Gary Crowton, who was relieved of his duties this past week and put into an administrative role for 3 months.

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