What the hell happened to my Redskins?  How has it come to this?  We’re stuck in the mud again on the road to nowhereville.  We’re 4-9 this year…6-10 last year.  We are a coach’s graveyard if your last name isn’t Gibbs. Any other place and we’d be calling for Mike Shanahan’s head.

The only reason we aren’t all firing Shanny on talk radio is because this organization has never had any continuity. So we’re willing to take the losing, lies and arrogance of Mike Shanahan in the hopes he finds his winning ways again.  Who knows if that will happen.  It doesn’t look very promising right now.

It’s gotten so bad that some, like my colleague at 106.7 The Fan, Mike Wise are saying it’s a “no-brainer” that Rex Grossman should return at a minimum as a backup.  Really? He’s the 28th rated QB in the league.

He’s thrown 12 TD’s and 16 interceptions.  Throw in 4 fumbles and he’s got 20 turnovers in 10 games.  You don’t get to keep your job with those numbers.  You’re LOOKING for a job with a resume like that.

Look how low the standard is around here.  A QB strings together a few decent games but loses 4 of 5 and we say he deserves to stick around?

He’s one of the four worst QB’s in the league this year and we still want him?  I don’t.

Everybody knows that it will be a huge upset if the Redskins don’t select a QB with their first round pick this year wherever that selection may be.  Gone are the days too of a QB being groomed for a few years ala Steve McNair or Aaron Rodgers.  You get selected in the first round and you have to play now.

Look at the 2011 first round quarterback draft class.  Cam Newton has started every game for the Carolina Panthers.  Blaine Gabbert has started 11 straight games beginning in week 3. Christian Ponder replaced Donovan McNabb in week 7 and has started 7 straight games.

Even Jake Locker has played 4 games this year when Matt Hasslebeck has gone down.

If you’re a first round QB and the Redskins in all likelihood will have one – you WILL play in year one.  You won’t necessarily play in week one however.  And that’s where having a veteran comes into play.  You need somebody with experience to start the season if the rookie isn’t ready and to mentor the new guy along the way even when the young QB takes over.  But does Rex Grossman seem like a great mentor to you?

He’s the same guy that looks like he’s smiling on the sideline in losses.  He’s the fat guy.  He’s the QB that when push comes to shove, would rather take a low percentage chance downfield and risk a turnover when protecting the football is often times the more prudent decision.

How many times has Rex not seen the linebacker underneath in coverage and thrown right to him?  How many times has Rex not felt the pressure and fumbled the ball away instead of chucking it out of bounds?  How many times has Rex absolutely destroyed any momentum the Redskins might have with another catastrophic interception.

See, Rex makes the same mistakes over and over.  Does that seem like the guy you want grooming your new signal caller?  I can only imagine Rex’s sage advice to our young quarterback next year.   “Don’t worry kid…  I’ve got 74 turnovers in 41 games…It’s all part of the game… just keep slingin it.”

I don’t want to hear about how Rex has this critical experience in Shanny’s system either.  First of all, what’s so great about Shanny’s system?  He hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2005.  Think about it.

In his last 5 seasons he’s 34- 43.  What the hell happened to this guy?

I’m supposed to care about THAT system?

And look how helpful Rex’s scary experience has been to the Redskins offense.  The Redskins are 21st in the NFL in TDs, 27th in points scored.  They’re dead last in the league in turnover differential.  I don’t think you need a ton of experience to achieve those numbers.

Give me a quarterback with average talent and half a brain and we’ll be just fine.  Wait a second, I take that back.  I just described Rex Grossman.

At the end of the day the problems with this team are far deeper than the QB or the head coach.  We all know this.  Look how bad it really is though.

Key players are injured or high.  In fact, two of our supposed building blocks are one strike away from 16 game suspensions.  The defense which carried this team in the first 4 games has fallen off considerably.

Offensively they seem to have only one player they can rely on that may possibly be healthy and productive and that’s Roy Helu.  Everybody else is a big question mark.

Nobody can argue this team needs a franchise quarterback, depth all along the offensive line, a premier receiver, a true cover corner, more depth in the secondary and a reliable kicker.  We haven’t even mentioned Laron Landry’s contract and health conundrum. What about Brian Orakpo’s limited productivity or the fact that the heart and soul of this team is a linebacker that will be 37 years old next season?

But just throw a rookie QB into the mix and everything will be fine right? That’s what the “Suck for Luck” or “God awful for Griffin” crowd will tell you.  How did we get to this point?  Can the Skins ever dig out of this hole?

I’m afraid it’s not anytime soon.

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  3. Los says:

    So what is being suggested is that the Redskins mortgage anywhere from 3-5 draft picks in order to get RG3? Our offense is still not built, yet by your article we can afford to give up picks. How well is the number one pick Sam Branford doing with the Rams. Or Alex Smith before this year, or David Carr, players that were selected by awful teams that never had a team built. Now look at Big Ben who came to a team that was pretty much built or Stafford that has a Megatron to throw the ball to. Rodgers had a pretty complete team, Brees had a pretty complete team before they took hold of that position. So mortgage draft picks to get one guy is not what we should be doing, instead we take the best available player and continue to build this team. Just like Shanny has been doing the last two seasons.

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