Apparently you can physically assault someone causing bodily harm and the only penalty is that you have to grab the pine for Chicago State, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Wright State and Radford. What a joke!

Saturday’s brawl between Cincy and Xavier was ugly, inexcusable, unpardonable and intolerable.Kids who throw punches on the college basketball court need a stiffer penalty than 6 games. If the NCAA and the University of Cincinnati had any balls Yancy Gates would be gone for the year, but they don’t and he will be back playing just in time for Big East play. He misses just one conference game on January 1st @ Pitt.
I’m sorry that I may sound too harsh, but this wasn’t just pushing and shoving or wrestling another player to the ground. Gates flat-out sucker punched Kenny Frease and hit him so square he looked like he just walked away from a car accident. Gates isn’t the only one who threw punches, I understand that, but he did the most damage and for that he should pay.Any kid who threw a punch and landed it should be gone and they should be gone today for a year. You can decide on the penalties for the others after watching the tape, but Gates threw a punch that was so clear it might as well been on the big screen.

This is a perfect opportunity for the university of the NCAA to send a message. LaGarrette Blount of the Tampa Bay Bucs was sent this message loud and clear two years ago when he was playing for Oregon and he sucker punched a kid from Boise. His penalty…10 games and it was warranted. Blount was finally reinstated on Dec 3rd that year, but his season was over. It cost him millions because he went undrafted. You think he will ever throw a punch again? I would like to see some consistency for all sports.

Judge Jason

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