HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (CBS Washington) – Henrico County authorities say a mother broke into nearly 30 homes after dropping her kids off at school.

Police have charged Melissa Addison, 36, from Chesterfield, with breaking into and stealing from homes.

According to a press release obtained by CBS Washington, Henrico police says these burglaries took place in the Varina area between Oct. 26 and Dec. 2.

According to the report, Addison would drop her children off to school each morning and then travel to Henrico to break into homes.

Addison was arrested last Monday with information received from Chesterfield police.

After her arrest, police say she confessed to 22 break-ins in Henrico County, three in Charles City County, and two in Chesterfield County.

Comments (90)
  1. jxnman says:

    Have to wonder if it was need or greed that motivated her?

    1. misterwax says:

      most likely need to begin with, then she learned how easy it can be and it bacame more of greed (foolishness) too much too soon.

      1. commenter says:

        Misterwax, you have no clue in the world what might have motivated this woman, so I have to wonder why you even left a comment, loneliness? need to jump into every conversation? know-it-all-ness?

      2. Lazydog says:

        commenter, you have no clue in the world what might have motivated misterwax, so I have to wonder why you even left a comment, loneliness? need to jump into every conversation? know-it-all-ness?

      3. parasitebob says:

        Lazydog, you have no clue in the world what might have motivated commenter, so I have to wonder why you even left a comment, loneliness? need to jump into every conversation? know-it-all-ness?

      4. Lost says:

        XD u guys r awesome!

      5. Tom Menino says:

        I have no idea why she did it or why others choose to post here or elsewhere on the internet. But I think it is safe to say that we can all agree we’d tap that in an instant.

      6. rog says:

        commenter, Lazydoga and parasitebob, you all have no clue in the world what might have motivated commenter, so I have to wonder why you even left a comment, loneliness? need to jump into every conversation? know-it-all-ness?

      7. Tom Menino says:

        I dunno, rog. I’m guessing commenter may have some idea what motivated commenter.

        (Isn’t the internet fun? I don’t get it when people say it is a quagmire of idiots arguing over nothing. They clearly haven’t been a part of riveting exchanges like this one).

      8. Bob S says:

        Tom Menino…
        I would definitely tap that!
        Mommy got a pearl necklace from Santa Bob!

    2. Spanky says:

      She was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

      1. Richard says:

        More like she was inspired by the cleptocrats occupying the House, Senate, and White House. “The last act of any government is the looting of the treasury” – G. Washington.

      2. Snitch-in-Time says:

        She was merely acting as a “Freelance Socialist”. She was arrested because she tried to cut the government middleman out of its rightful portion of the loot. Eventually all economic systems move toward “cutting out the middleman” so a socialist system will do the same thing. Welcome to the left wing cleptocracy.

    3. Buddy P says:

      Does it make a difference?

    4. Koblog says:

      First you have to explain why, in a random world that came about by Darwinian accident, what she did is considered “wrong.” We’re just evolved slime. Nothing more.

      We are just molecules in motion with no overriding moral limitations, whatever “morality” is. Who is anyone to say something can be “owned” by someone such that it’s “wrong” for someone else to take it?

      If it feels good, do it, right? There should be no consequence to any action. It is truly futile to ask “why” someone did it. They just did it.

      That’s how we want it. That’s how OWS wants it. That’s how Obama wants it.

      1. Tee says:

        I guess you’ve never seen a lion after another lion steals his antelope carcass.

        Mammals get pretty angry when you take their stuff.

    5. Jack Akers says:

      She doesn’t look too bad. I’d give her 20 bucks.

    6. MindLoop says:

      parasitebob, you have no clue in the world what might have motivated commenter, so I have to wonder why you even left a comment, loneliness? need to jump into every conversation? know-it-all-ness?

  2. Mookie says:

    If she needed cash, she could have worked what she had and made some quick cash on the sly.

  3. buz says:

    clearly she was christmas shopping…give the lady a break. the lines at welfare are just too long.

    1. meesha4 says:

      After working 13 hours at my age (56), I came home and watched Judge Judy. Saw an installment where an MORON got $70,000 in “music” education from the TAXPAYERS, got RENT STIPENDS FROM THE TAXPAYERS, got FOOD STAMPS FROM THE TAXPAYERS, and here is his defense about NOT paying rent, utilities, etc.:
      “im da man.”
      B.O. voter. When these PRIVATE-SECTOR TAXPAYER-FUNDED TIT-SUCKERS have their FREEBEES run dry, Rodney King riots will be a drop in the bucket. I remember the Newark, New Jersey housing projects BURNED DOWN by those that got freebees. Those that get FREEBEES have no respect for what they are GIVEN. It is going to be amusing to see the 47% percent of this country lose their GIMMES. Those of us that ACTUALLY got an education and have worked for DECADES, were smart enough to save our money and take care of our families will be MUCH BETTER OFF than the B.O. tit-suckers.

  4. German Guy says:

    Nobody in the western world NEEDS to steal. There are always other options, including the dole.

    1. John S says:

      She’s a white woman. Unless she is married to or living with a non white. She’s not going to be able to get on the dole in the US.

  5. Chuck B. says:

    Shes’s White,She can’t get WELFARE

    1. Derrick E. Perry says:

      your have problems… 75% of people on welfare are WHITE… look it up.

      1. debz says:

        thats not true 39 percent are white 38 are black and 17 are hispanic.

      2. wg says:

        Blacks comprise only 12 percent of the nation, but, according to the above figures, they comprise 37 percent of the welfare rolls. This should not be surprising; in 1994, blacks had a poverty rate of 33 percent. We should not, of course, think it unusual to find poor people on welfare. Consequently, discussions of race and welfare must turn on different issues.

        The most prevalent question is why there are so many blacks in poverty. Liberals argue that it is the result of continuing racism and discrimination, especially at hiring time. Conservatives have argued a variety of other causes: moral shortcomings, poor work ethic, even intellectual inferiority. Another important question is whether welfare causes poverty.

      3. Tee says:

        Where’s the evidence that she’s poor? Maybe she was stealing stuff because she didn’t want to buy it, or because she was selling people’s stuff for ready cash. She could be a druggie, or she could be like a lot of shoplifters, who can actually afford the stuff they take but would rather not pay.

    2. Steve says:

      Sorry, only white men can’t get help from the government. Even my State website says woman and minorities ONLY.

  6. Harry Slikker says:

    She looks prison ready.

    1. White Cracker says:

      Look what democrat’s have done to all the heavily democratic areas? Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis, etc…. Ruined commuitys by paying people to do nothing but make babies!

    1. Joyce says:

      that what I think! She’s a drugy!

  7. Boots says:

    She looks to good to be a meth addict, sure is odd that she would do that though.

    To bad the Obama economy has made people so desperate.

  8. Dan Spot says:

    I’m confused as to why Drudge linked to a crime story where the perpetrator is not black. Is this some weird Michael Jackson skin thing?

    1. Spot oFF Dan says:

      No, this is an obvious case of mistaken identify. Police probably picked her up based on MSM description, hiding the race of the accused. This lady just happened to fit the description – Female, 5’5″, between the ages of 30-45.

      All races commit crimes, some more than others. – Just the facts

    2. jack says:

      It wouldn’t be right if Drudge links only led to stories about Obama. There are other law breakers out there.

    3. George Johnson says:

      I know, it’s hard to believe, but white people commit crime too. I know, it’s insane. Not man, but a few do. Now if it were like 70% of the white population doing it, you’d read about it more.
      it’s a numbers thing.

    4. george says:

      You sound disappointed. Maybe you overestimated Drudge’s conservative leanings.

    5. Derrick E. Perry says:

      hmmm… do you think Drudge is as racist as YOU are…

    6. doc says:

      That’s why it’s news stupid, it’s not a black.

  9. ace says:

    What did they think she should do, take her kids with her when robbed the homes? Geeezz.

    1. Buster Kenny says:

      Good call, Ace.

  10. Buford says:

    And, if she broke into a house with the owner armed and ready the headlines would be a bit different. Another LOSER who didn’t think about the consequences-lucky this time.

    1. matt2717 says:

      Except the lame stream media would spin it as “Greedy, vicious gun nut shoots defenseless woman trying to feed her children.”

  11. Gordon Corey says:

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

  12. walter12 says:

    If this woman did this sort of thing in Montana, she may well have been shot dead by a homeowner. We do not like thieves, no matter who they are.

  13. victor says:

    either she was white so she didn`t qualify for welfare or is just plane white trash, or her Black boyfriend got tired of her

    1. Rex says:

      @ victor. It’s plain as in, you are a plain f***ing white bigot. Not plane, you illiterate!

  14. Joe says:

    Wigger job training

  15. lou says:

    Take her children away from her permanently. Put them up for adoption!!!! This “thing” belongs in a cage. White Trailer Park trash!!

  16. JV says:

    Nice comments losers. The woman could need money for food, rent gas, who knows. In a world where the Chicago Jesus and his disciples rule the country,, times are tough for everyone.

    1. carlb says:

      i am surprised she has not been to a white house dinner she fits the profile of the people working there now.

      1. matt2717 says:

        Not really—to work at the Obama White House, you have to have stolen or evaded paying BILLIONS…knocking over a few cribs wouldn’t do it.

    2. Georgiasaraann says:

      JV, what if she has stolen from people who also needed their money and property? What if she broke into an elderly person’s home and scared them to death? Her defense attorney will pick jurists like you. They type that if they come up with a good sob story, you will let the woman off and tell her you are so sorry she got arrested. What if she were a man breaking into homes? Would you also let him off? She had the means to travel so she was not hurting too bad. She’s pretty. She’ll get off. Then she can date a loser like you.

    3. Frank says:

      Its easy to sympathize only because its not your home that’s being broken into.

  17. carlb says:

    well it never mentioned what she went after. clothes food electronics. cant take them to a pawnshop cops have that cased using thumb prints. cant sell on ebay the people would notice the selling. i am sure though that alot of the stuff sold on ebay is coming from people like this lady. its cheap and discrete. i have bought things like dvds that are clearly pirated material. i saw a item from some sales mag that was selling a copier that could pirate 5 dvds at a time. to bad for the kids but she needs a few years working in the laundry room.

  18. Randy4 says:

    Obviously a little too much time on her hands, though she does fit the profile being touted by the Obama administration…………take what you want from those who have more, or less, whatever.

  19. Home Invaders says:

    Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

    Would you prefer that she take the kiddies breaking and entering with her next time?

    That would be an education of sorts…

  20. mike says:

    She’s cute. She could break in my house anytime.

  21. LarryG says:

    There could be several factors involved in her motivation to steal and none of you could possibly knowwhat they are. All you do is chatter and harp and make noise to make sure you’re still alive. I’m certain your lives are tainted with problems that need attention and I suggest you get on it. While you’re at it, turn off the Simpsons or whatever kind of Neanderthal viewing you gravitate toward. Dismal pack of jackals.

    1. Georgiasaraann says:

      And what factors would that be? What is a conservative? A former liberal who has been mugged.

  22. malcom says:

    well if she acts like she is from the ghetto then put her in jail with the real people from the ghetto. She is an embarassment to her race.

  23. Bud359 says:

    Here’s the stats on Welfare – not 70% white, by the way


    1. shawala johnson says:

      And those stats are nearly 20 years old. I suspect the numbers of “minorities” have only gone up in the ratio.

  24. Roger McKindly says:

    She’s cute. I hope she gets some lessons on ‘breaking and entering’ while in prison. I’d like to see that training video 😉

    1. AHH says:

      Someone sent me a video of her in action today. She got money sellng herself too but she was kinda indirect about it.. said she needed some assistance/help & turned tricks for money. A guy I know told me and hes got the footage to prove. She looks really homely and tiny tiny tatas.

  25. Robert Kelly says:

    I’m surprised the perp is white. Usually they’re black.

    Blacks are but 12% of the population yet commit 58% of ALL violent crimes , 7 times the burglary rate and 20 tunes as many robberies. (US Dept of Justice)

    1. A liberal says:

      Stop giving us facts! We hate facts!!!

  26. ADT Salesperson says:

    I count on crack ho’s like her!!!! Thanks Melissa!

  27. JWM says:

    A meth addict for sure

  28. JP says:

    Ok kids have fun at school. Mommy is going to work !!!!!!!!

  29. sailordude says:

    Cleanly THIS ……… is Obama’s fault.

  30. depressionbaby says:

    To Koblog; I guess if everything is random, and there’s neither right nor wrong, somebody should have killed her with no consequences.

  31. Evil Feevil says:

    I’m not saying she’s on drugs, but drug addiction motivates many people to steal. Not all drug addicts have the “junkie look”.

  32. glenp says:

    She’s KWAANZA KLAUZ!! do a DRIVE BY, break into the house and STEAL the presents from under the tree!!

  33. rek says:

    It’s Bush’s fault!

  34. Machismo says:

    Nice looing babe! I would have given her money if she wanted to stay for a while! 🙂

  35. Ranger01 says:

    Cute enough to be a Pole Dancer. At least that would have been an honest living!

  36. Bob S says:

    I wouldn’t shoot a perfectly good white woman!
    Probably crazy hot in the sack.
    I’d like to make a deposit of baby batter in that belly.

  37. TERESA says:

    Does it matter why she did it? No one to blame but her self and now her kids are going to pay by living without their mother while she is in jail and will probably be taken away from her. Wrong is wrong. Stealing is wrong. She risked everything when most of us would have given the shirt off our back to help someone in need.

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