CHESTERFIELD, Va. (CBS Washington) — Chesterfield police arrest a substitute teacher from Tomahawk Creek Middle School for allegedly assaulting two students.

Daniel L. Foldenauer, 71, turned himself into authorities on Nov. 22 for the alleged Nov. 4 assault.

According to reports obtained by CBS Washington, police say Foldenauer shoved two students, ages 12 and 13, backwards after a verbal disagreement as the students were getting ready to switch classes.

Foldenauer was scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

A Chesterfield County school spokesman did state that the substitute teacher will not be working while this investigation is pending.

  1. jerry foldenauer says:

    RE: Foldenauer
    What a shame that the news media sees the need to sensationalize and possibly ruin a persons life before all the facts are out. For shame! What a shame that the school principal did not have the common sense to defuse the unlikely tale of 2 middle school students. Meet with all parties involved, get the facts, then react. I will not use the word “spineless”, but could. Shame on the parents for their willingness to ruin a persons life, based on 2 children who will change their story as readily as the weather changes. And for shame on our society on the whole for so rapidly assuming guilt from the latest “gossip.
    I may be prejudiced because Dan is my brother. However, I was a school administrator for 30 years. I had a zillion opportunites to study teachers under stressful discipline situations. I had to evaluate their responses accurately. That was my job. In all of Dan’s tenure, and for all of our conversations relating to the classroom, he never, I repeat never, indicated that he handles a student discipline matter with force. To think he would do so now is ludicrous.
    When proven innocent, his life is forever changed, thanks to the insensitivity of the media. Congratulations, and Merry Christmas.

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