Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley called “The Sports Junkies” for his weekly Friday check in. He covered everything from the Jets match up with his Redskins this Sunday, to the limitations of NFL athletes on IR. Cooley sounded frustrated about his limited interactions with the team during his time on the injured reserve list.

Cooley’s day is much more limited on the IR.

“My average week, it’s not a great week for a guy that wants to play football. I go to Redskins Park everyday, and I spend anywhere from an hour to four hours, depending on what I want to do. My obligation right is to get my knee better,”  he said.

Even though Cooley is out he is seeing the progression in the team even though it’s too little too late.

“Rex is finally getting used to the guys and playing well after being benched, we have an offensive line that is getting healthy, if you have someone like Roy Helu playing in the back field like he did last week, we have a running game. If you put those aspects together and we’re a pretty good football team. It’s just a shame that it’s happening too late,”  Cooley said.


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