MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS Washington/AP)— GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain says that he gave the woman who claims they had a 13-year-long extramarital affair money without his wife’s knowledge.

Cain told the New Hampshire Union Leader that he helped Ginger White with “month-to-month bills and expenses.” Cain says that she sent him around 70 text messages between Oct. 18 and Nov. 18 because she was in financial trouble.

“She wasn’t the only friend who I had helped in these tough economic times, and so her messages to me were relating to ‘need money for rent’ or whatever the case may be,” he told the Union Leader. “I don’t remember all the specifics.”

Cain continues to deny any sort of affair and he told the paper that he told his wife Gloria about White after she went public about the alleged affair. Cain has yet to see his wife since the the charge surfaced.

The former business executive says a heavy emotional toll on his family could force him to call it quits. The shift comes as a growing chorus of would-be allies suggests he is no longer a viable presidential contender and Cain himself says fundraising has suffered.

Cain, a top-tier candidate just weeks ago, says he’ll decide in the next “few days” whether to abandon his White House bid, but not before he meets with his wife.

“Since I’ve been campaigning all week, I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down with her and walk through this with my wife and my family. I will do that when I get back home on Friday,” Cain told reporters gathered at his New Hampshire campaign headquarters Wednesday night. “I am not going to make a decision until after we talk face to face.”

Cain said he had spoken to his wife only by phone since Monday, the day an Atlanta television station reported the woman’s accusation. Since then, aides have crafted a packed campaign schedule with stops in Ohio, New Hampshire, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia and prepared to launch a fresh round of TV ads in Iowa.

“There were some people who thought that I was finished,” Cain said Wednesday night. “But I’m going to leave it with Yogi Berra’s comment: ‘It ain’t over till it’s over.’ And it ain’t over yet.”

Many Republican operatives believe Cain’s bid is over whether he pulls the plug or not.

“I don’t see how they walk away from the damage that’s been done and emerge as a viable primary candidate,” said Rick Wilson, a longtime GOP consultant based in Florida. “All these things about Herman Cain keep coming out drip, drip, drip, and they’re not handling it well. And now conservative Republicans have another place to go: Newt Gingrich.”

Dan McLagan, a veteran GOP strategist based in Atlanta, said Cain “is like a zombie at this point: He’s dead but he does not appear to have noticed and has kept on walking.”

“His support is all moving to Gingrich and, at some point, he’s going to look back and see that he is grand marshal of a one-man parade,” McLagan said.

Gingrich has been the beneficiary — in polls, at least — of Cain’s slide in the month since it was disclosed that the National Restaurant Association paid settlements to two women who claimed Cain sexually harassed them while he was its president. A third woman told The Associated Press that Cain made inappropriate sexual advances but that she didn’t file a complaint. A fourth woman also stepped forward to accuse Cain of groping her in a car in 1997.

Cain has denied wrongdoing in all cases.

Atlanta-area businesswoman Ginger White, 46, said her affair with Cain ended this year before he became a White House candidate. In an interview with an Atlanta TV station, she displayed records showing repeated cell phone calls and text messages with Cain.

Cain has denied any such affair, and in a letter addressed to “patriots and supporters” called her allegations “completely false” and labeled her “troubled.” Cain’s attorney, Lin Wood, has sent a letter to White’s attorney requesting those cell phone records among other documents so Cain and his team can analyze their authenticity and content.

“It’s very disappointing that he would call me troubled and, you know, it’s unfortunate,” White said Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

White’s attorney, Edward Buckley, said Thursday that his client was trying to obtain additional cell phone records. He has not yet responded to the letter from Wood.

Senior Cain aides huddled privately Wednesday to map out a strategy to get past the allegations. He has told his top supporters that his campaign must determine whether he will have the financial and grassroots support to move ahead.

“The day that this latest one hit, fundraising went way down,” Cain told reporters in New Hampshire. “As the week has gone on and this woman who has made these accusations has basically started to contradict herself, our fundraising has started to go back up. It’s not up to the level where it was, but a lot of people are saying, you know what, they don’t believe it.”

In New Hampshire and at other campaign stops this week, he renewed what has become a familiar defense: that he is the victim of attacks by liberals and the establishment, who are threatened by his outsider appeal.

“They want you to believe that with another character assassination on me that I will drop out,” a defiant Cain told a crowd of about 200 Wednesday in Dayton, Ohio. Some responded with shouts of “No!” and “Boo!”

In Iowa, Cain’s state chairman, Steve Grubbs, said he was preparing a busy December schedule beginning with a Dec. 10 debate in Des Moines. And Grubbs said Cain, who has not aired any campaign ads in Iowa since last week, will resume advertising Friday with a new spot that asserts that electing Cain would put a veteran chief executive in the White House, not a politician.

“His campaign is strong enough to survive the allegations,” said Michael Farren, 31, an Ohio State University doctoral student in economics, from Pataskala, Ohio.

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Comments (87)
  1. Hank Smith Jr. says:

    Cain will hang on until Jan. 2012 when he becomes eligible for matching funds.

    1. SunnyDay says:

      He should hang on – there is not even a shred of evidence that he has done anything. He is the Democrat party’s worst nightmare. Their entire narrative is threatened by black conservatives who are successful in their own right.

      1. George says:

        I hope he does hang in there, too. The R party RINO’s are declaring him dead along with the loopy media. I hope he sticks it out. The first bimbo’s have faded from memory as has the tramp that was looking for a job from Chicago. This latest one, again with no proof of anything but her word and some texts exchanged between friends, also has a history of financial problems and suing people for financial gain.

      2. Rosemary De Leeuw Bolton says:

        I agree with you. He could be the authentic REAL first black president, and a REPUBLICAN! OMG the democrats eyes would bleed — then their heads would explode

      3. Laura Hult says:

        The MSM can try to tell the American People what to do and who to vote for, but it won’t work. These attacks on Mr. Cain are so obvious, so blatant, and so over the top that even Leftists can see it.

    2. Bill says:

      Lets dig back into the Presidents past 13 years ago. No that would be responsible reporting. That is an art form that died out a long time ago. So instead of dealing with the economy, being kicked out of Pakistan, giving the cold shoulder to Israel, the cut and run tactics in Iraq, no stance on Iran, no budget in 3 years, no ideas or leadership on cuts in the government. We get a slander piece on a man that has more experience in his pinky toe than our Give our President a pass again and again will ever have. Guess what for all you in beltway reporters, we know what really going on and all your junk articles are nothing but great padding for my dogs cage.

      1. Laura Hult says:

        Amen, Bill!

  2. myohmy says:

    It ain’t over. Look at our greatest philanderer leader Bill Clinton, the media has hailed him the greatest president. The moral of the media is upside down anyway.

    1. Sheepleherder says:

      The difference was that Clinton actually had the skill, training and intelligence to be PRESIDENT. Cain … not so much. ALL presidents have flaws, what is expected is that they also have some redeeming values, like being able to lead a nation.

      1. Laura Hult says:

        Your problem is that you simply cannot believe anyone could be a genuine nice-guy. There are some people out in the world who really are decent human beings. You obviously don’t know any of them.

      2. George says:

        More specifically, Clinton was ALMOST a better liar, if indeed Cain is lying. Being impeached, Billy Bubba, the serial rapist, wasn’t as slick as he thought he was.

      3. Rosemary De Leeuw Bolton says:

        sheepleherder. I AM SICK AS HE•• OF POLITICIANS
        It would be such a relief to have a real person, a real American business guy to be a president. The liberals are scared stiff of this man

      4. Emma Yustman says:

        Funny. . . . when we made the same statements about Obama, the people on the right were called racist. My how quickly the game changes.

  3. Laura says:

    @Dan McLagan: Kindly shut-up!

  4. Buck O'Fama says:

    Congratulations Lamestream on your high tech lynching of another free negro who never did cotton to that liberal plantation mentality. Without a trial or a shred of evidence from a group of liberal bimbo’s who are chronic litigators, in debt and with judgements against them, this blather has been foisted upon Cain with no proof.

    You tried with Clarence Thomas and now you clowns have him for life, I hope Judge Thomas lives to 110 years old as your punishment. Obama could live another 110 years and never match Herman Cain’s personal accomplisments but then that has never been the measure of a man where liberals are concerned. DUH WON is proof of that but there is nothing you can do to save your little emperor Obama, in 2012 he is toast so enjoy your lynching while you can.

  5. Bob says:

    What a doofus. Not on the plane to go immediately back to his wife to apologize for his zipper problem? Trying redirection and suggesting to folks they should take-up the mantra of “I don’t believe it”. What an in-credible dumb-fanny!

  6. Laura Hult says:

    “Zipper problem”??? You got proof? Blue dress? ANYTHING???? ANYTHING AT ALL BUT SLANDER???

    I’m waiting….

    1. Laura Hult says:

      BTW…I’m still waiting. No one has any PROOF!!!

      1. Sheepleherder says:

        I suppose if his ADMITTING to keeping this woman behind his wife’s back isn’t “proof” than there is no proof that you will ever accept. In which case, you are too closed minded to even be able to have a RATIONAL discussion.

      2. Laura Hult says:

        Bill, how in the world can you justify the spin on your last statement??? Herman Cain was fighting for his life with intensive chemotherapy and surgery while this was *supposed* to have been going on!!!

        Get real and lose your jealousy and hatred for a genuine human being.

  7. Laura Hult says:

    How is it that serial adulterers and perverts like Bubba, Newt, and Anthony’s Weiner get a pass????

    1. Bob says:

      Shouldn’t. Other two got away with it. Still wrong. Wiener got busted and is out, how do you call that a pass?

      1. Laura Hult says:

        They’re all still darlings of the Left – morally bankrupt and without heart and soul, yet still able to sit in judgment of others.

        Tell me please how is it that without a SHRED of proof, Herman Cain gets convicted and tossed overboard? The article reports that Mr. Cain helped out a number of people. Yeah? So? How does this translate into a “zipper problem”?

        I can’t tell you how many people I’ve helped over the years with both food and money. How about YOU????

      2. one and done says:

        liberals don’t help people themselves, they rely on forcibly taxing others to fund bloated inefficient social programs…

  8. Bob says:

    Btw, I wonder what excuse Mrs. Cain will now use given that she already played the “split personality” card.

    1. Laura Hult says:

      Ah, a spin-meister!!!! Mrs. Cain never said Herman had a split personality. Thanks for confirming your employment at the DNC.

      1. Bob says:

        Sure she did, said it w.r.t. the issue of harassment during his Restaurant Assn gig. Btw, I’ve never voted dem in 50 years. Get your head out of your cult of personality.

      2. Laura Hult says:

        Bob, you’ve probably never voted. And btw, the exact quote from Mrs. Cain was (as she was laughing):

        Gloria Cain told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren: “I’m thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said.” []

        Oh, but you’ll spin that too. It’s expected.

      3. Bob says:

        Spin is relative baby, and you with your selective memory and fanciful concoctions are a veritable whirling dervish. If I’ve never voted, then you’ve never existed. Unfortunately, for you, me, and everyone else, you seem to exist.

  9. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken

  10. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    Consider this a text to your private phone, Mr. Cain :

    Send money to repay the campaign contributions to the Cain campaign.

  11. Dave says:

    This poor Cain character is either an incredulous victim of an elaborate, vicious and orchestrated series of falsehoods designed to discredit him – OR – OR – he is a pathological liar of EPIC proportions.

    I’m thinking it’s the latter……

    1. Laura Hult says:

      Really? REALLY??? You think Herman Cain is capable of more lies than “The Swimmer”, Barney Frank, William Jefferson “better put some ice on that” Clinton, et al. ???

      Gosh you’re gulli-BULL! Keep drinkin’ the Kool-Aid, buddy!

      1. Laurabee says:

        Ms. Hult, you go back and forth between “he’s innocent” and “what about other people who did it.” (Implying he’s guilty, but that somehow makes it okay.) You can’t have it both ways. Would you be happy if your husband was supporting another woman behind your back, and did not tell you? What would you think? At the very least this man showed very poor judgment and should never hold the highest office in the United States.

        I am politically conservative by the way. However, I find it pathetic when people of either side get so married to their ideology they end up divorced from reality. That is what is wrong with this country. Face it – no left-wing conspiracy here. Mr. Cain has made a fool of you and his other supporters, and his poor wife. That’s the simple truth.

      2. Laura Hult says:

        Yes ma’am Laurabee, I am citing both the complete hypocrisy of the Left and the MSM, and defending Mr. Cain. It IS possible to do both at the same time, as they are separate issues.

        You can walk and chew gum at the same time, right? Or, judging from your post, maybe you can’t.

  12. Ernie says:

    The false accusations only strengthen our support…we understand this is a battle for the fundamental core of our society. We know the purpose of these attacks. Where exactly are these women now anyway? For that matter, where was the evidence to begin with. The media ignored Bill Clinton until someone produced a dress…then they could not deny. It’s time to produce the dress or shut up. America is too important for this gutter tabloid smear politics. Cain is a threat to all the liberals hold dear because he is a black man that did need the liberal crutch to hobble through the ranks. He did not have to kiss the rings of the liberal elite. And Cain is the only candidate with a real plan to save our economy. Sorry lame stream media, you have it all wrong again.

  13. one and done says:

    cain is still my number one choice, but if he can’t get through all this, newt is a decent second pick…

    1. Rosemary De Leeuw Bolton says:

      Herman Cain is my number one choice as well…
      I do not think Newt can beat Oblamer.
      Oblamer has an incredibly large “base” and they are well versed in character assassination of their opponent. that is ultimately how Oblamer got elected to ANY office at all. Axelrod had his hands in most of Oblamer’s “successes”
      Oblamer is a huge fraud

  14. Michael Smith says:

    I am really suppose to believe that Hermain Cain secretly provided rent money for this woman for over 13 years and didn’t get anything in return. This is the definition of Sugar Daddy. Sorry Cain, you are not fooling anyone with this. Those past allegations I might of blown off as being nothing, but this time you are busted red handed.

    1. Laura Hult says:

      Proof of your own lack of morals, ethics, and basic humanity:

      “and didn’t get anything in return”

      So, every time you do something for someone, you expect something in return? How incredibly sad!!!

  15. one and done says:

    cain never said he helped her for 13 years — she said she had an affair with him for 13 years. get it straight…

  16. Sheepleherder says:

    There was a time that the Republican party was the party of “morals”. Now they are the party of “well, Clinton did it, why can’t Gingrich or Cain?” It’s no longer taking the high ground, now its roll in the gutter because the opposition rolls in the gutter.

    1. Laura Hult says:

      On this you are correct – the GOP is no different than the democrats, which is why Tea Party folks have chosen to support Mr. Cain. We are SICK of politics-as-usual in D.C. with everyone sleeping with everyone else, backroom deals, and generally selling America down the sewer.

      This used to be a great country. Many of us are determined to see that greatness restored in spite of people like you.

      1. jedirock says:

        The difference is that democrats don’t pander to the religious right and run on family values when we come to find out they super freaks! Voting on anti-gay measures when they are in fact having sex with other men in bathroom stalls, chasing down congressional pages or hiring a prostitute.

      2. Sheepleherder says:

        You don’t have a clue what type of person I am! YOU, will NEVER restore this country because this country, except for small pockets of uneducated, backward hypocrites, has NEVER been a country of bigoted, closed minded and self righteous fools.

      3. Laurabee says:

        Propping up candidates like Mr. Cain who are guilty of very bad judgment at the least, and possibly much, much worse than just that, is not going restore the greatness of America, Ms. Hult. Restoring our moral foundation is, and a man who apparently has none will be no help with that.

      4. Laura Hult says:

        jedirock, Sheepleherder, and Miss Laurabee…I love you guys. I really do. Your delusions reassure me that psychologists will always have work to do. 😀

    2. one and done says:

      nobody’s saying it’s “okay” for cain to have an affair, we’re saying until there’s evidence, we don’t believe it. and by the way, where were all these women when cain wasn’t a top tier candidate, hmmmmmmmm?

      1. Sheepleherder says:

        It’s one thing to have no “legal” evidence and quite another to not have evidence. His own lawyer, declined to make an adamant defense with a flatly stated “Mr. Cain did not do what is alleged” in this instance. All other things aside, he ADMITS “keeping” a woman behind his wife’s back. I don’t know about you, but in my mind, this is PROOF that he betrayed his WIFE! If she can’t trust her husband, why should the party trust him!!

      2. Laura Hult says:

        What is this “keeping” cr*p??? Spin it again, and again Sheep…we’re getting used to it.

  17. CommonSensePls1234 says:

    I think it’s stretching coincidence that yet another woman is making this claim who happens to be down on her luck and about to be evicted. How many have had prior lawsuits against people, restraining orders placed against them, declared bankruptcy, fraud, etc… and yet, dependent on some people’s ideology or party affiliation, Cain must be guilty until proven innocent.

    1. Sheepleherder says:

      Guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it. He ADMITS he kept this woman behind his wife’s back. If that’s not a betrayal of trust, I don’t know what is. What more than TRUST are you supposed to give a “LEADER’ of the country. If he can’t pass that first, SIMPLE test, what else is there to say?

      1. one and done says:

        wow — like, let’s get all dramatic about it…

        cain said he has helped other people who were struggling on different occasions as well. maybe he should have told his wife, maybe not. i don’t see it as that big a deal, but then again, i’m not the one hoping cain goes down in flames just so obama can be reelected…

      2. Laurabee says:

        I don’t know where you fall on the political spectrum, but you know what – it doesn’t matter. You are 100% right. All Americans of both parties should be able to agree on this. Then again, some people would rather be “right” than display ANY common sense!. Thanks for injecting facts and logic here. I guess they scare some people.

      3. Laura Hult says:

        You keep using the word “kept”, sheeple. Please post a link that refers to a quote by Mr. Cain using the word “kept”. I REALLY want to read or hear where Mr. Cain ever claimed to have “kept” any woman, much less this latest bimbo.

        Otherwise…quit the spin!

  18. party's over herm says:

    know what’s black and wrinkled up and smells like ginger?

    Herman Cain’s face…….

    1. Rosemary De Leeuw Bolton says:

      YOU are disgusting!

    2. Laura Hult says:

      That would be your soul, or what’s left of it, that you are smelling “party”. Better get used to it. It will be with you the rest of your life.

  19. Jullou says:

    What a great friend Ginger White is. She took all that money from Mr. Cain and now this. She is pathetic!

  20. one and done says:

    i just find it laughable that ms. white claims this decade plus affair — yet her only “proof” is cellphone records that shows she pestered him a lot for money, and he replied back to her texts. that’s it???

  21. ObamaIsGodAwful says:

    Mr. Cain, Ginger White was the Fat Lady singing. It is called a clue. Look into it.

    1. Laura Hult says:

      No-no-no! That’s Moochelle you’re hearing!

  22. dandandan says:

    Can someone explain this: Ms. White has been asked point-blank several times–even in the initial interview–“did you have sex?” Or something to that effect. Never has she said unequivocally “yes.” Never has she even come close to suggesting that. She will only use the words affair, relationship, situation. Does anyone else find that odd??? If she’s trying to tell “her” side of the story, and they did sleep together, why wouldn’t she answer directly rather than being evasive? It’s very confusing

    1. Laura Hult says:

      Another thing I find completely baffling is how the MSM and the Lefty seminar posters on this thread can ignore the fact that during the time of the *alleged affair*, Herman had Stage IV cancer.

      Now how could a man undergoing intensive chemo and surgery, with only a 30% chance to live, have conducted an illicit affair??? Even more to the point, why would he want to???

      1. Brad says:

        Maybe he was catching-up or “stocking-up”?

  23. Kent West says:

    Americans used to be able to spot a con job a mile away and would rally to support the victim. Now they are too dumbed down to even realize when someone is playing them for the huge suckers they have become, like trotting out one very suspect witness after another to discredit Herman. Maybe that is how we get a Barack Obama.

    1. Laura Hult says:

      Our society is today infested with vultures, and it began ‘way back in the 60s when our public education system was co-opted by Leftists spouting “if it feels good, do it”.

      They forgot the rest of the quote: “and if there is no good reason not to do it”

      Critical thinking is not taught, instead we have little kids being indoctrinated by their socialist teachers. Now with 3 meals a day in school, the State will own them entirely.

      This upcoming election is critical. And if the American People lose, it will also be the last election anyone will freely participate in.

  24. Kareem says:

    Who does Cain think he is, a Kennedy or a Clinton???

  25. alanwillingham says:

    Christians can never run for public office if acts of Charity done in secret as Jesus requires are a disqualification

  26. alanwillingham says:

    By the way… Obama was accused several times of not even being an American citizen, and he was elected….

  27. alanwillingham says:

    She saw Herman Can, she liked Herman Cain, she wanted Herman Cain, she had Herman Cain, and she kept Herman Cain for 13 years…

    …but although he was GREAT for her, he isn’t good enough for the rest of us

    {{{{{ Fatal Attraction }}}} ….anybody?

  28. myohmy says:

    Our puritanical media is gloating that they had destroyed a black man, because nobody leave the democrat plantation not being sought back, chained and destroyed.

    1. Rex says:

      The reverse race card meme is both stupid and disgusting.

  29. Travis Busbar says:

    The “Cain Train” has too much steam on the windows, and not enough steam in the engine. This campaign has derailed and the frightful collapse is at hand. Cain denies an affair in the context that “it ain’t an affair if you ain’t gettin’ any”. While that may seem a popular definition, it falls far short of defining an affair. Any extramarital relationship which is emotionally and financially charged, and is secreted from your spouse IS AN AFFAIR. Quit your denial Herman. Confess, repent and seek reconciliation with your wife. Lies don’t bring credibility.

  30. Richard Boyden says:

    Pee Wee Herman did his “duk” thing and got caught…simple as that. Whether it be an Edwards, Clinton, “Christian preacher”, whoever…makes no difference. Infidelity is just that. If you can’t be faithful to a wife, then for sure you can’t be faithful to the American People! If you swear an oath called “marriage” and that means nothing to you, then neither will the oath you swear to upholding the Constitution. Seems though…being “black” has always got some excuse that STUPID WHITES seem to embrace…which is why the sodomite/muslim we have as POUS is in office. Thank Oprah for that!

  31. Travis Busbar says:

    For someone who professes to be “outside Washington”, Herman sure does blow smoke like a seasoned politician. Try some “truth” if you want to stand apart from the mediocre DC freeloaders.

  32. anontdh says:


    If you commit any of these sins, you are going to end up in deep ****,

  33. Kent West says:

    Well, it’s Newt or Romney (yawn), all the others have been successfully smeared by the Democrats and the MSM. Why do we let them decide who the Republicans nominate? That’s how we got McCain – there’s no hope as long as conservatives let liberals run their nomination process.

  34. ddd6 says:

    Someone tell pizza boy no one cares and we’re sick of the drama trauma. This guy was a distraction from the beginning and just wants it all over so he can go back to smoking rock and sucking ….

  35. Matter says:

    “Since I’ve been campaigning all week, I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down with her and walk through this with my wife and my family. I will do that when I get back home on Friday,” Cain told reporters

    Translation: sociopath degenerate that couldn’t care less about anything than himself.

  36. Do The Facts Matter says:

    If the media spent 1% as much time checking the validity of the accusations as they did shrieking them from the rooftops…

  37. snuff says:

    You have a 13 year relationship with someone including trips, at a minimum to Palm Springs and Vegas, gifts (I believe the word lavish was used but no matter), hotels, money and she has not a shred of evidence of there being together? Not a photo? A gift that he bought? A provocative e-mail, text or voicemail? Not one? In 13 years? Not one corroborating witness?

    She also claims to have been at the Tyson/Holyfield with him. Well the last time Holyfield and Tyson fought was June of ’97. That is 14.5 years ago. She has repeatedly claimed this was a 13 year relationship. No one is going to ask what was the year and date of the conference in Louisville where they agree they met????

    I am not saying he did not have an affair with this woman and I am not saying he did. I want some people to ask some real questions and ask for some substantive and reasonable evidence for what is a very serious claim. She is not claiming a one night stand, she is claiming a 13 year affair……is it unreasonable to have some evidence of a 13 year affair??? Or for someone to even ask for her for it???

  38. TJP says:

    You know the old adage – say the same thing often enough and loud enough and people will start to believe it. This sounds real bad, and it actually almost had me convinced, but as some other people pointed out, where’s the evidence? They supposedly had an affair for 13 years and there’s no evidence except an average of like 6 texts per year that we don’t even know the contents of? Produce more evidence or go away. Where’s the photos, the hotel and jewelry receipts, the eyewitnesses, etc.? For someone who supposedly gets around this much, Cain left surprisingly little behind.

  39. JohnRalph says:

    The only reason I find these accusations hard to beleive is everyone knows liberal black and white American hillbilly gutter trash women, only have sex with two black men at a time.

    Well since Cain is a sucessful black man they may make an exception…right?

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