If you follow high school hoops you know who the Harrison Twins are. If you don’t, well, you soon will. Andrew and Aaron Harrison are, currently, rated as the #1 and #7 players in the class of 2013 by Rivals.com, they are juniors at Travis High School in Fort Bend, Texas. Believe it or not they both could be headed to College Park to play for Mark Turgeon.

When Turgeon was hired he talked of getting the best talent, not just locally, but nationally and if he pulls this off it could be one of the best, if not the best, recruiting class of 2013. He already landed Shaq Cleare and Jake Layman along with Seth Allen for next year and to follow it up with the Harrisons would be massive. Remember the criticism Gary took for years because he couldn’t or wouldn’t go out to the AAU tournaments or to the local high school games? He didn’t like to play the games with AAU coaches and handlers who have infested hoops recruiting the last 15 years or so. It’s a different world and Turgeon understands it. That’s why Dalonte Hill is on his staff. Hill is one of the best recruiters in the nation. He brought Mike Beasley and Bill Walker to KST in 2006. Gary would let his coaching do the talking by routinely bringing in lesser known prospects and turning them into #1 overall NBA Draft picks and I’m not knocking him for it. I know enough college coaches and I hear the nightmare stories that they have to go through to bring in top talent. One coach told me that his recruit brought 2 friends along with him on his campus visit and one of them tried to tell the coach how the player’s skills should be used in his offense. Sure kid, whatever! So I never blamed Gary for that, but better players bring more tournament wins.

Here’s the lowdown on the Harrisons. Both 6’5, 205ish. Slashers, ballhandlers, shooters, athletes….all of those. Whatever Turgeon and Kevin Plank have to do they better do it because these types of players go to Duke, Carolina, Kansas and Kentucky…not Maryland. Oh that’s right, I forgot to mention the one major hurdle on this actually happening. His name is John Calipari. The Harrisons have listed Kentucky, Baylor, Texas, Villanova and Georgetown as possible schools. My source tells me it’s down to Maryland and Kentucky. Coach Cal likes the big splash of 5 McDonalds All-Americans in the same class. Then he pushes them all out to the NBA after one year for a new crop, even though he can’t win titles. He loves going 29-2 and getting bounced in the Sweet 16. Anyway, the Harrisons just took their campus visit to Lexington so if they are driving around Ft Bend in Range Rovers you know where they are going, but if Turg plays his cards right it could happen. Stay tuned.

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  1. HEinSD says:

    “Then he pushes them all out to the NBA after one year for a new crop”

    Except when 2 out of his 3 top freshmen come back for a 2nd year…like this season.

    “He loves going 29-2 and getting bounced in the Sweet 16.”

    Like last season…when they beat two higher seeded teams to make the Final Four.

  2. JB says:

    They’re going to Kentucky

  3. Dr.VanNodstrom says:

    Both Maryland and Kentucky have all their games on TV… Maryland plays in a better basketball conference, but Maryland is located right outside of Washington, D.C. the Capital of the United States and would be much more interesting ans enlightening to attend compared to lowbrow Kentucky. DC is a much better place to make connections for later in life as opposed to Lexington, Kentucky.

  4. JZig says:

    First off if they are driving around in Range Rovers it’s because their father owns a car dealership. These kids don’t need Cal’s $pecial $cholar$hip like so many others. That combined with the fact that their grandparents live in East Baltimore and Aaron Sr. is good friends with Bino could add up to the kind of recruiting class we haven’t seen seen since Lefty was here.

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