Happy Thanksgiving! A great day for football. If you’re lucky, your opponent forgot to set his rosters this week. If not, we still got you covered.

Each week, Cakes and Danny Rouhier will answer your questions and give you their opinions on what your moves should be. If you have any questions you’d like them to tackle, click here.

I had Jay Cutler as my starting QB…there is nothing good on the wire. Is Orton worth the pick up and hope he finds success with Kansas City? – Pete- Just Win A Game

Cakes: If there is nobody else available, and you’re desperate at QB, I guess picking up Orton makes sense.  Can you tell I’m not crazy about the prospect of starting Orton with the fantasy football regular season winding down?  But with most leagues’ trading deadlines already in the rear view mirror, I guess now is the time to gamble on a guy like Orton.  There are just so many question marks on him like when will he even start and will he play like he did earlier this season, which paved the way for Tebowmania in Denver?   Give him a roster spot, but don’t expect any miracles.

What happened to my guy Fitzpatrick? Beyond frustrated. Do I start Fitz or Josh Freeman this weekend? – Randal, Burrito Lovers

Danny: The world has caught on. The Buffalo thing was cute wasn’t it? We all had fun while they were competitive but it’s over now. They stink. No Fred Jackson (thanks again fantasy football gods. You were pissed 3 of my teams had him & were doing well?) means this offense will struggle. Add in the Jets, you’ve got a chance for a horrendous day. Roll with Freeman. He won’t give you a ton but he won’t kill you either.

What do you think of Kevin Smith? There is no way he has another game like he did against the horrible Panthers right? Should I start him, Ben Tate, or DeAngelo Williams in my flex? – Marco- In Favre’s Jeans

Cakes:  I may be the wrong guy to ask about Kevin Smith…I’m involved in a full-on, one-way bromance with that dude right now.  I picked him up in two leagues after I saw him score his first touchdown this past Sunday in the Lions’ 49-35 win over the Panthers.  I knew he was on the roster last week, but didn’t pay much attention to him until he was in the process of churning out this ridiculous stat line…3 touchdowns, 140 rushing yards, and 4 receptions for 61 yards.  I would absolutely ride the hot hand and start Smith in your flex spot this weekend over your other two options.  Ben Tate has been a nice surprise, but is always going to struggle to get enough touches with Arian Foster in front of him.  And DeAngelo Williams has become a forgotten man in the Carolina offense; Cam Newton’s rushing skills, as well as the presence of Jonathan Stewat, have made Williams a fantasy afterthought.

What will happen with AP this weekend? I’m assuming he’s a nogo. Is Toby Gerhart a viable option, or should I scour the wire for another backup? I noticed Peyton Hillis is available. I know he’s not ready, but I’m hoping he comes back like one pissed off dude. Ideas? Trent, TakeIt2DaHouse

Danny: Obviously, if AP can go, he starts for you. I don’t know what to expect from Hillis at this point but, you’re in a gambling mode here trying to hit the lottery in replacing the best RB in our fake game. Gerhart is not the player that AP is but Minny has moved the ball a little these last couple weeks and TB could grab a goaline carry which would make your start worthwhile.  Take a look at CJ Spiller if he’s available as well.

Cakes, I’m thinking about trading Frank Gore. I know he’s a beast, but I’m worried he will sit at a crucial time for me. Should I hold on to him or find a willing partner who’s not thinking ahead? Dom- Bouncing Hams

Cakes: I like your rationale for trading Gore at this point, especially considering the fact that the 49ers could clinch the NFC West this weekend, if the Seahawks somehow lose to the Redskins, and the 49ers can win a tough roadie at Baltimore on Thanksgiving night.  It’s every fantasy owners nightmare for teams to clinch so early, as you have no idea how each coach will approach playing his starters in meaningless regular season games.  The problem is that other owners know why you’re looking to pawn off Gore; very little chance you get fair value in return.  My gut tells me to stick with Gore, hope the 49ers go on a mini-swoon by dropping 2 of their next 3 games (unlikely…next up, the Rams and Cards), and hope that Harbaugh doesn’t send Gore to the pine to preserve him for the playoff run.

 My team stinks. Which 2 do I go with? Desean Jackson, Sydney Rice, or Jerome Simpson? I’m ready to give up on Desean – Rob, Kingstowne Magic

 Danny: You’ve got to dance with the one who brought you, even if she’s been a huge bitch at dinner and spilled wine on your shirt. Roll with D Jax and hope that the explosion (the reason you drafted him) comes back. For your #2, roll with Sydney Rice and root for fade routes.


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