Virginia Woman Faces 50 Years Behind Bars For Decapitating Piglet

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (CBS Washington) — A Portsmouth woman faces up to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to beheading her boyfriend’s piglet.

According to court documents, Ashley Fowler, 22, was breaking up with the piglet’s owner Zach Sawyer and wanted to play a prank first.

Sawyer’s mother told the Virginian-Pilot last year that the piglet’s head freaked her out when she let her puppy outside early one morning last February and saw it staring back at her.

“For somebody to come and do something like this was unbelievably sick,” Janie Sawyer told the paper.

The Sawyers had to euthanize another pig who Fowler admitted to stabbing in the same incident. She said her son started raising them on the family farm as therapy after he suffered a head injury.

Fowler also plead guilty to charges of possessing Adderall and breaking and entering.

  • TN Dave

    Yes Eric that does happen, but 99.9999% of the people don’t kill the pigs as revenge for a failed relationship and leave the head outside someone’s house ala “The Godfather.”

    • Bill

      But 50 years is excessive, especially in a country where a lot of murderers and child molesters run around free. Michsel Vick only got 2 years for his animal cruelty shennanigans anyways.

      • Amy

        Money talks and well, you know, BS walks….

      • Jim

        Micheal Vick, got 2 years for running an illegal gambling operation(Dog fighting)
        not animal cruelty.

      • go gingrich

        You are absolutely correct. This woman is a freak and deserves a harsh punishment, but we should be giving out MUCH harsher punishments to murderers, rapists and child molesters. This society is a mess and getting worse.

      • Bill 2

        Jim, I guess you skip over the parts were the low performers were tortured and killed.

      • CD

        Its says she faces up to 50 years, not that she has been sentenced to 50 years. It would appear the 50 is the statutory maximum for what she plead guilty to.

      • Joe-Bob

        And when she can throw for 30 yards and run a 4.3 40, she’ll get it commuted to 2 years.

        It’s the American Way.

    • homer crad

      I have seen woman abort their boyfriend’s baby or their husband out of revenge though, happened to my son! Sad in any case.

      • smokey

        American Patriot (really?)

        you’re an idiot.

      • American Patriot

        You must be hom skooled.

  • Roger Dowd

    How did they find out it was her? Somebody must have squealed.

    • RHO

      Maybe there was a stool pigeon watching the caper.


        Roger Dowd – First with Bob G coming in a close second :-) Thanks for the humor. (RHO you get an award as well :-)

        You will all be rewarded with bacon and spare ribs. :-)

    • Mike

      Thanks for the levity in the face of pure stupidity.

    • Bob Hamilton


    • Bob G

      Hey Roger Dowd, terrible story about the piglet but I feel your comment was in good taste.

    • Jerky Miester

      OK … that made me spew my coffee. TA DA!

    • elipso


    • GozieBoy

      Oink oink oink!

    • Rick P


  • liztaylor1982

    Dear God, can you please stop this madness — people desecrate the sanctity of life, no punishment, they abuse children, sexually, physically and mentally, with little or no punishment and then here is a possibility that someone who beheads a pig — will get 50 years. Please help us, we need divine intervention.

    • dootise

      maybe the tooth fairy or father time or mother nature will come help you..clue it’s all in your imagination.

    • Christine Craft

      maybe the tooth fairy or father time or mother nature will come help you..clue it’s all in your imagination.

    • Mohamed

      Yeah right…and you will not scream DV when your bf kills your dog and you expect him to get the punishment for DV

    • Suzie

      It’s irrational to compare the punishment of one crime to another. That’s not the point. Her punishment is recognition that anyone who purposely acts in a cruel and inhumane manner toward any living thing needs to suffer the consequences. but I can see why her son was raising pigs for therapy; must run in the family. Fifty years in prison is to expensive and too long. she would never serve it anyway. Look at Lindsey Lohan. Jails and prisons are too crowded. It’s just a sentence that could theoretically be imposed under the law.

      • Shuk

        So, if I came to your house and decapitated your dog, stabbed the other so it had to get euthanized… in order to get back at your for some perceived grievance – you would be ok with me just getting 6 months probation?

        Pigs are delicious, but they are also intelligent animals and make good pets. In this case, they were pets.

      • Facilityman

        Beheading a pig is not cruel, especially if you plan to eat it. The real crime is it was not her pig to behead. Now kiling for fun usually implies some deep seated problems which she obviously has. For the crimes of B&E and killing someone elses piglet she deserves about 6 months probation and community service and maybe 30 days at the most. It is not a capital crime.

      • Wiglaf

        Shuk, no, I would not be okay with that. I would expect 3 times the monetary value of my animals, though. Yes, they are ANIMALS. They do not have the same rights as people regardless of how much they personify them.

  • Jason

    Old Zach should consider himself one lucky dude. If he got rid of this sick (trying to think of a word that wold get past censors , but cant) broad loosing only a couple of pigs, he is way ahead of the game. Hope the sadistic, sick broad enjoys a long rest in the state pen. SICK SICK SICK

  • John C

    WHat law was violated, and what violation is she being charged with to warrent a possible 50 year sentece – is it against the law to “murder a piglet”?

    • jack

      It wasn’t her piglet. How would you feel if some cut off the head of your dog or cat? I believe the crime is likely for making threats not necessarily killing a pig.

      • Farmer Bob

        Do you propose that punishment should be awarded based on how you “feel about” the crime? Many people feel their pets are worth more than a human. Such people lack a sense of proportion. I would prefer not to trivialize the law it by extending it to animals on an equal basis with humans. After all, if the same penalty applies for decapitating a pig as for decapitating its owner, you might as well behead the owner. Does that work for you?

  • scifieye

    You don’t kill someone’s pet. If breaking up with them, you tell them as such. Community service? Compensation? Behavior modification therapy? Yes. But 50 years? Is there some law that says if you kill a pig you get 50 years? Agreed, this girl should not even have a boyfriend. I’m glad she didn’t cut off something else!

  • theshawn

    It’s a pig are you flipping kidding me?? We let all kinds of aholes free who rape, kill and maim but killing a pig can get you 50 yrs??

    Why am I not surprised at the stupidity of the human race.

  • Paul

    I eat pigs. I kill pigs. For food. Not for pleasure or to take pleasure. What she did is clearly unethical. There should be some kind of penalty, but certainly not 50 years. The action and the penalty are way way out sinc here.

  • Walt Deal

    She should have save the head. There’s lots of great meat on it. The ears are also very tasty when fried. Use the rest for a “whole hog” bar-b-que. Those young ones a nice and tender.

    • DannyDapper

      All joking aside, had she simply consumed the pig she’d probably just be charged with misdemeanor theft.

  • DisturbedMary

    Speculation: Maybe she aborted his child sometime in their relationship. And after breaking up, she went after his beloved pigs in her anger.

  • Victor

    Help! Piglet! Me!

  • OkayWhatever

    As long as abortion is legal, I could give one damn about some piglet killed in anger, spite, or for food. Massively skewed priorities, folks.

  • Barack Mugabe

    That would be 50 more years than Lorena Bobbitt got for decapitating John Bobbit’s piglet.

    • GozieBoy

      I think she took the whole hog…!

  • GD

    You could kill a person and be out in 5. This is stupid.

  • SH

    Liberals came up with PETA and they are a special interest group so Holder and Obama will give them anything they ask for as long as they donate to the Libs.

  • David Larkin

    Whether she killed the pig for food, fun or revenge, the result to the pig is exactly the same.

    • Michael T

      Ham and eggs. THe chicken is involved but the pig is committed.

    • ditchdigger2

      About 40 lbs., MMMM. My wife and I raised hogs in the 70s, had a 700lb sow, named Sallie, only allow my wife and myself in the pen with her. Supplemeted her with blackbirds, ground squirrels and contails, jackrabits. Bad mistake, she ate every Chicken on the place, like a gator, lay dead still, they would peck right up her snout, then crunch. One of those PETA folks, depending on their weight, could have saved a substantial feed bill.

  • fred

    Where I live wild pigs are considered a nuisance and can be killed without a permit. Most people don’t even harvest them. They just leave the carcass where it drops.

    • ditchdigger2

      Kalivornyka is like that, and getting worse.

  • bob

    Cut of a baby pig s head go to prison suck out a human baby’s brains no one business but your own …….strange world

    • ditchdigger2

      Insanity.What more can be said.


    If she aborted a human baby there would be no problem though.

  • Flyer1969

    I always cook them with the head

  • Josh

    I just finished eating a pork roast and feel like I committed a crime.

    • ditchdigger2

      Never look back, I just finished a rib steak, warm, but still bleeding, of a hopefully dead stear, I’m wating for some”feeling”, waiting, wating, nope, just a full feeling, the taste of garlic, and a table wine. Tomorrow, onions, garlic, olive oil, sweet basil, and his, or her liver, Eat your heart out Vegin.

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    Hell hath no fury,
    Like a woman scorned,
    Now they will hurry,
    While the piglet’s mourned,
    To jail his slayer,
    Ashley of the knife,
    Without a prayer,
    She took Porky’s life,
    Now she will do time,
    In a prison cell,
    She has done the crime,
    We don’t wish her well.

    • Roger Dowd

      That’s great!! That’s beautiful poetry, Carl. It reminds me of Ham-let.

      • ditchdigger2

        I can smell what your cook’in.

  • David Reed

    I would NEVER p*ss he off, that’s for certain.

  • GozieBoy

    Let me get this straight. HE was the one with the head problem??

  • Humpy J. Brown

    What a stinking, putrid bag of estrogen this b*t*h is. Someone should lop off her fun bags and see how she handles it.

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