This isn’t exactly the worst case scenario for the BCS, but it’s a close second. The worst case would be three top power conference unbeatens, but this could turn real ugly real fast.

What do we have? A clear #1 with zippy losses in LSU, and 6 one loss teams (Bama, Arkansas, OKST, Stanford, VT and Boise ). Oh and that “fly in the ointment,” as Timmy Brando would say, a NON AQ Houston team that hasn’t lost yet, but has only played three teams with winning records. These eight teams would be perfect for a post season playoff, but that ain’t happening. Let’s deal with facts.

There is no excuse for OKie St losing to Iowa St, it’s an absolute choke job. Iowa St is currently eighth in their conference standings and for that OKST, you are done. Brandon Weeden, you don’t deserve to play for a title, especially the way you played in that game. Have fun with your Big 12 trophy.

Hey Andrew Luck, losing to Oregon at Autzen is one thing, but when you are hyped as the next Peyton and it’s November and you have the perfect opportunity to make your claim…you can’t lose to the Ducks at home….so for that have fun with your meaningless Fiesta Bowl.

Oh and speaking of Oregon, you have proven you aren’t good enough to beat SEC teams anyway so why should I think you deserve a 2nd chance? I don’t. Oh and did you just lose to USC at home? A USC team who isn’t even eligible to play in the post season? I thought so. You are done and have fun with your PAC 12 title. I’m sure it will be tough to beat ASU or Utah.

Uh, Kellen Moore….how do you blow a seven point lead to TCU, with the ball, at home, with 2 minutes to play? Please explain. I know how….you play for Boise and you choked last year and you did it again this year. Ask Santa for a new kicker. Have fun in the Independence Bowl. I hear Shreveport is real nice during the holidays.

Hey Frank Beamer…why don’t you apply for realignment and move to the Sun Belt Conference, because that’s about as tough as your schedule was this year. App St, Marshall, ECU, Arkansas St, Duke and BC….wow, I’m impressed. A four point win at Durham, that’s a tough place to play. LSU’s backups would be unbeaten against your schedule. I doubt you will beat UVA and Clemson, but if you do, have fun playing Louisville in a god awful Orange Bowl.

Now Houston, I love ya. I really do. Case Keenum, you are a great story coming back after the knee injury last year and breaking all of Timmy Chang’s records, but you beat eight teams with losing records. I love betting on you, but LSU would embarrass you. At least in previous years when Boise was complaining they had beaten VT or TCU or Georgia this year, but UCLA doesn’t cut it. I will enjoy watching Oklahoma beat you 70-48 in the Sugar. I will bet the over.

OK, let’s talk about the teams who should all be in the discussion. Three teams in the same division in the same conference, all ranked in the top 3, which hasn’t been done since 1971. I truly believe that LSU will beat Arkansas easily. Bama manhandled Pig Sooie back in September and took the foot off the gas in the 4th quarter. I believe LSU duplicates that and makes Arkansas run the ball which is not their strength. LSU’s secondary could have a huge day Friday. Now, if LSU wins they will play Georgia in Atlanta and even if the Dawgs win, I still believe LSU should play in the BCS title game. They have played a much tougher schedule than Bama and Arkansas or than any other one loss team for that matter and they shouldn’t be penalized for having to play the extra game. If Arkansas beats LSU somehow I’m not sure where I will lean. According to the tiebreakers in the SEC West Alabama may get in to play Georgia and that would be unfortunate. That’s where it can get really ugly. If we have 7 one loss teams and an unbeaten Houston from Conf USA we will have mass destruction. I still believe LSU and Bama will play for the BCS crown, because the voters will have no other option and I think the system would have worked, but it’s got to play out that way.

Happy Thanksgiving


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