The Broncos and Jets got it started on Thursday night, but the big decisions come on Sunday afternoon.

Each week, Cakes and Danny Rouhier will answer your questions and give you their opinions on what your moves should be. If you have any questions you’d like them to tackle, click here.

Hey, how much has Andre Johnson’s value dropped because of Matt Schaub’s injury? I should have traded him weeks ago, but what do you think I could ask for in return. I’m looking for RB help. Thanks! – Ben, Ben’s Brutal Bunch

Cakes:  I don’t think Andre Johnson has any significant trade value at this point, with the combination of his dinged hamstring and the injury to starting QB Matt Schaub.  Johnson has missed 6 straight games, and even though he expects to play this weekend against Jacksonville, his return isn’t guaranteed.  Adding to the uncertainty is Matt Leinart filling in at QB; he hasn’t thrown an NFL pass since 2009.    Plus, the passing game has been marginalized by the success of the running back duo of Arian Foster and Ben Tate, who lead the NFL’s 3rd-ranked rushing attack.  If you were able to swing a deal for a Top 15-range running back, I would do it in a heartbeat, but I think most fantasy football owners are too savvy to fall for that sort of deal.  Looks like you may be stuck with AJ, unless you find an owner desperate for wide receiver help during the fantasy football playoffs stretch run.

Hey Danny, Should I go with the hot Denarius Moore or Reggie Bush for flex spot this week. No PPR league. Adam, Mo’s Defensive Stand
Danny: Both have great matchups and both are good plays this week. This comes down to who do you trust more? For me, and I’ve been burned by this before, but I trust Bush. Maybe he’s not a consistent must start every week but the Buffalo Bills are very generous in what they allow opposing players to do. They are the friendliest defense in football and they hate tackling. I think Miami will have one of those rare weeks where you can safely start Bush, Daniel Thomas, and any other Dolphins you might have. It appears the Dolphins have finally figured out how to use Reggie and their O line is doing a solid job in the run game. I also like going with a running back whenever I can because of the number of touches.

Should I play Tony Romo or the salty Stafford? Also, I have my other  two running back spots, flex, and two receiver spots are open…. i have MJD, Fred Jackson, Reggie Bush, Dez Bryant, Santonio Holmes, Vincent Jackson, and Denarius Moore. Help me fill them in please! Thanks for the help. Devin, More Ditka

Cakes:  Even though Tony Romo has been red-hot since the emergence of DeMarco Murray at RB in Dallas, I give the slight edge to Matthew Stafford this weekend.  Stafford gets to face the woeful Carolina Panthers defense at Ford Field, and he’ll be looking to redeem himself, after last weekend’s disastrous 4 interception performance against Chicago.  I would expect 2-3 TD’s and at least 250 passing yards from Stafford this weekend, so plug him into your lineup.

As for your other spots, here’s how I would fill them…

RB – Fred Jackson…unbenchable, leads the NFL in rushing.

RB –  MJD…the offense begins and ends with him in Jacksonville.

WR – Dez Bryant…with no Miles Austin in the lineup, more balls will be coming his way.  Plus, he gets to face the Redskins defense, that spends way too much time on the field.

WR – Denarius Moore…coming off a 2-TD performance against the Chargers.  Carson Palmer likes him, Jacoby Ford is out with an injury, and the Raiders have a tasty match-up with a Vikes secondary that ranks 30th in the NFL.

Flex – Reggie Bush…3 TD’s in his last 2 games, nice match-up with Buffalo, and if it’s a PPR league, he gets you some bonus points with his receiving skills.

Which backup RB do you think will make more of an impact this week? Jackie Battle, Chris Ogbonnaya, or Kendal Hunter. They are all available. – Jack, Jack Of All Trades
Danny: It’s gotta be Kendall Hunter. The caveat, as always with someone like that, is to check the injury report for Frank Gore. He’s been banged up and even if he goes, if it’s in a limited capacity, Hunter is a great start this week against a putrid Arizona D. I don’t like Ogbannaya this week against a strong Jacksonville run D. Battle is a tougher call. He was productive for a few games but has tailed off lately despite some good match-ups. Another good match-up vs NE this weekend and on the surface, seems like he might be a good play. The reason I’m shying away here is that KC looks like they have packed it in for the winter. I see this game as a Pats blowout which means KC will have to take to the air and Battle is nonexistent in the passing game.

Flakes, I was offered Michael Turner for CJ. I don’t really want to trade Johnson because I’ve waited so long, but Turner is probably the smarter play. We are in a PPR league. Last week, CJ was great. You think he can keep it up, or should I stay away from a RB for RB trade all together? – Ryan, Gears of War

Cakes: I probably would hold onto CJ, if you’ve had him this long.  He faces some weak rushing defenses (Saints, Bills, and Colts) during the fantasy football playoff schedule, and finally broke out in last week’s win over Carolina.  If Tennessee has a shot at a wild card spot in the AFC, CJ will have to be the focal point of the offense.  Stand pat with your roster, and hope that Johnson’s 130-yard masterpiece against Carolina is a good omen for your fantasy playoffs run.

Better Defensive start for Sunday…I have Dallas which is looking good, but New England is out there, and they play against KC and their backup QB. Jeff, Can I Get A Quarterback
Danny: This is pretty close here as both are good plays this week going against horrendous offenses. It also depends on scoring settings for your league (returner points and things like that) so take that into account as well. What I like to do when things are close with 2 Ds is to look at how they pressure the QB. That’s usually the best indicator of creating big plays for a defense. Fumbles forced on RBs/WRs are nice but they are usually a more fickle stat. You pressure the QB, you tend to get INTs, Sack/Fumbles, and scoring for your defense. Until last week, NE was towards the bottom of the league in sacks and QB pressures. They are 20th in sacks now thanks to the 5 sack performance last week vs the Jets (hey Andre Carter… so this is awkward huh?). That tells me that in their other 8 games, NE only got to the QB 15 times. Dallas creates more consistent pressure so, in my mind, are the slightly better play to force Rex Grossman into doing those Grossman things that he always does with very little prompting.


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