PETA Billboard Uses Dog To Urge Kids Not To Eat Thanksgiving Turkey

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) – A new PETA billboard aimed at children has superimposed a dog’s head on a turkey, urging kids to think twice before eating turkey this Thanksgiving.

The PETA billboard, which is still awaiting word as to whether it will appear near public schools in major cities in about seven states, features a dog’s blank stare on a turkey’s body and reads, “Kids: If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey?” States such as Florida, Oklahoma, and Utah are included in the campaign.

PETA Action Team Coordinator Lauren Stroyeck told CBS Washington that PETA has reached out to cities such as Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, and Memphis as targets for the Thanksgiving billboard.

Stroyeck said there’s no harm in helping raise awareness amongst children that turkeys are more than just food to be eaten every Thanksgiving.

“I think this billboard is a fun and approachable way for children to learn about the issue,” she said. “Children are very compassionate and love animals. They’re taught to think of animals as food, though, morally, many people are compassionate and don’t want to think of animals as raised and killed just to eat them.”

While the billboard has been met with some support, it has also been met with criticism from people openly questioning PETA’s marketing tactics to focus on children, Stroyeck said, adding that the response has been mostly a mixed reaction to this point.

“Turkeys are sensitive creatures who feel pain and suffering much like dogs can,” Stroyeck said. “Thanksgiving should be a time for celebration, not animal abuse.”

PETA surely has an uphill climb. A National Turkey Federation survey found that almost 88 percent of Americans eat turkey every Thanksgiving.


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