Alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky spoke out for the first time since he was indicted in connection with 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys in an interview with NBC’s Bob Costas. The former Penn State football coach denied allegations that he molested children in the team’s locker room.

Former Penn State All-American linebacker LaVar Arrington, who played for Sandusky, spoke out against his former coach. Arrington believes that whether or not Sandusky believes he is innocent, the right thing to do would have been to apologize to all those affected by the scandal and its fall out.

“You’re pissed off because he has something to say, you’re pissed off because he sounds like he’s on something. You know what I’m pissed off about ? He didn’t say he was sorry to those kids. He didn’t say he was sorry to the kids at Penn State. He didn’t say he was sorry to the players, he didn’t say was sorry to me, [to] us.”

LaVar continued and said what he believes Sandusky’s message should have been in his first interview since the scandal broke.

“If I’m making a statement, make that statement. [Say] I’m sorry that I affected these kids lives and even if you’re saying that you didn’t do it say I’m sorry that I affected your lives. Something I did affected or impacted your life and I’m sorry for that’.”

Listen To LaVar’s Reaction:

Full Segment Below

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Comments (7)
  1. JBaker says:

    Wait, Sandusky was the one who touched the little boys? I thought it was Paterno? I’m confused now.

  2. Rambo says:

    LaVarr is less fat now.. dunno why is complaining too much.. LaVarr is a good man though!

  3. redskinsheartbeat says:

    Lavar I love the passion on this show. Society spends more time with worrying about what the Kardashians are doing but things like this go unnoticed for years. We put so much emphasis on sports and winning that we overlook the ills of the people and the money makers that swirl around sports. We put people in jail for a joint but hold money makers in the highest regard and then get shocked when things like this happen. It has been written that the love of money is root of all evil. In other words it tends to corrupt and Penn State was not wanting to lose money by having this scandel out there. Peace to all. God/Universe will handle it. We are in need of healing and I pray we get it.

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