Hey Mike, ya think you could beat the Colts?

So when the Skins started the season 3-1 I wasn’t buying it. Check the tape. I know some fans and even the media thought that the team was better than everyone originally projected and might be able to overachieve and , yes, I even heard the P word.

Well, that was ancient history and now the team is playing typical Redskin football, but I have to admit it’s worst than I thought it would be. I thought that Rex would be pulled at some point, but maybe not as soon as he was. I thought Beck would be pulled too, but I thought Shanny would give him a full month to 6 weeks to prove he really belonged in the UFL. I thought that the injuries would soon mount up and the paper thin roster would be exposed. I thought the defensive numbers were inflated after beating bottom feeders like AZ and the Rams. I thought the surface at the hangar at IAD would cause some mid-season ankle injuries, but I didn’t think it would all happen this quickly. This has been the only thing I have been wrong about.

One thing I’m not wrong about is that the Skins aren’t better than any team on their schedule the rest of the way and the question I have is who will they beat? Anybody? Seriously, can they win another game? Could they even beat the Colts? This is how bad this team is now and as I look at the rest of league, including the Colts, I don’t see a team with less overall talent than the Shanny led Skins. I don’t think there is a chance the Skins beat Dallas, NE or either of the NY teams and those are 4 of the next 5. Squeezed in there is Seattle on the road where the Skins always lose and they just beat a top 5 team. Minnesota here? Maybe , but they have the best RB in football and an upstart QB with nothing to lose. And what’s Jared Allen gonna do to Rex? And at Philly, even though it will mean nothing to the overrated Eagles I just don’t see the Skins outplaying them. So the point being, how did this team get to a possible 3-13 so quickly? And if it works out that way it’s the worst season the Skins have had since Danny bought the team 12 years ago considering his coach makes 7 mill a year. I guess there is only one person to blame…


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