Omar Kelly is the Miami Dolphins reporter for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and he joined the LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes to talk about this weekends Redskins – Dolphins match up.

Kelly has covered the Dolphins since 2007, which was current Redskins quarterback John Becks’ rookie season in Miami. Though he supports Beck, it comes as a surprise to Kelly that  the BYU product has another chance as a starter in the NFL.

“I’m glad he’s getting this opportunity again but it doesn’t look like he’s changed much. He’s still not making decisions quick enough, still a little timid, won’t force it in there, he plays scared and if he continues to play that way I don’t expect him to be the Redskins’ starter for long.” 

Kelly on John Beck’s struggles

Boasting the league’s 27th ranked pass defense, the Dolphins won their first game of the season last week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelly says that if the Redskins offense can pick up the blitz, Miami’s secondary should be easy to expose.

“They’re (Dolphins) a heavy blitzing team, the problem is when they don’t blitz they expose their secondary and their secondary has been horrendous this season .”

Check out the Full Interview with Omar Kelly below. 


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