WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) — Fox News host Mike Huckabee claims — tongue-in-cheek — he was the “victim of sexual harassment” at an Atlanta fast-food restaurant while talking about the allegations levied against Herman Cain.

The clip from the “Huckabee” show has been steadily gaining views in the hours since it originally aired Nov. 5.

While discussing the larger topic of sexual harassment, the former Arkansas governor used an anecdote of a visit to Popeye’s Chicken to make his point.

“(I)n light of the Herman Cain controversy, I realize it might not have been Southern gentility (exhibited by the employees), but sexual harassment,” he said, adding that the Popeye’s staff called him “honey” and “sweetie.”

“Maybe instead of feeling at home, I should feel offended, (I should have) called a lawyer, and demanded free spicy chicken for life.”

Huckabee then insisted that his intention is not to “make light of real sexual harassment.”

He showed images of several other politicians accused of harassment, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy and 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards.

As the images streamed, Huckabee alleged that sexual harassment accusations aimed at them were significantly more egregious than those being held against Cain.

More details regarding Cain’s alleged harassment of his former employees came to light Monday, just two days after Huckabee’s missive aired.

Accuser Sharon Bialek shed her anonymity and described an incident in which the GOP presidential candidate attempted to touch her inappropriately and urged her to perform similar acts on him.

Comments (4)
  1. Spencer Cannon says:

    Haha Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, and John Edwards all had accusations of sexual misconduct….and all three ended up having done it. Why would Herman be any different…..

  2. Fred says:

    because Herman is not a democrat.

  3. William says:

    LOL. How true…

    Fred +1

    Spencer = PWNED

  4. Guy Noir says:

    Because correlation is NOT causation, and because we are COMPARING a present situation, which is not fully understood, to KNOWN situations in the past. Any failure to understand this kind of thing means you are utterly incapable of conducting a sound investigation into a thing like this. You need evidence which PROVES something. Allegations are just a START. Everything, not “in flagrante delicto” (caught in the act), involves allegations. THEN you have to try and prove of disprove the allegations.

    Right now, everybody is lining up and saying they KNOW this or KNOW that, but it is based upon existing emotional attachment to a political movement (either GOP or Dem). As of this morning a P.I. put the Cain denial sound and the Bialek accusing sound through a voice stress analyzer (rated very useful by law enforcement) and Cain comes out as Non-Deceptive, while Bialek comes out as Deceptive. More evidence gathering is needed, but this seems so far like an effort to derail a candidate viewed as a threat to Obama.

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