Today on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C. former Penn State All-American linebacker LaVar Arrington responded to the allegations to his former coach and mentor, Jerry Sandusky.

“Whatever it may be, what I do know is that no one wins in this. The people that lose the most by this are the kids and the families impacted by this.”

Arrington said the allegations totally caught him off guard and moved him to tears. “I looked at my children, because immediately I started thinking back to all the moments I had at Penn State, and all them moments I had with him . I just thinking to myself how hard I worked to please him, and how hard i worked to please Joe. How hard we all worked to please these guys, and to have this happen…I am upset, I am shocked, and I am disappointed.”

Listen to the full segment here:

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  1. Stan says:

    When listening to Lavar and Chad’s comments on this Penn State situation. It is hard for me to listen to Lavar to say that Joe Pa basically did what was right. This man had an obligation to protect the best interest of this child not doing anything continued this animals behavior. I feel nothing for Joe Pa, but I feel truly bad for all of the victims because the kids are screaming for help but once again our society turns the other chick.

    Lavar if you can say what Joe Pa did was right you are truly sick as well. You said you looked at your kids, I looked at my son and said if anyone sat there and did nothing to stop this should be held accountable for there actions as well.

    Lavar my son and really thought you were a guy of integrity and we still have your jerseys that you signed and my son always wanted to meet you. But after hearing your comments the past few days really disgust me. You can’t call yourself a man if you think Joe is right in this situation.

    I am so disgusted with this whole thing and all everyone wants at Penn State that Joe goes out on top. He legacy is truly tarnished at this time. I hope he can wake up each night and look in the mirror.

  2. Jay says:

    Chad, props and kudos to you for staying strong and maintaing your focus on the Penn State saga. Please remind LaVar that he is an on air radio professional and the airwaves are no place for his “I feel betrayed” pity party. On a personal side, LaVar, your nacissistic view of everything penn State is a little disturbing and in need of serious professional help. I suggest you do so immediately before the other shoe on your beloved Penn State falls. Yes, that shoe and it is possible that Joe Paterno knew a lot more for a longer period of time than he is willing to say in public…at least right now. Better pray that Penn State does not get connected with the “pimping kids for big donors” scandal that is brewing…..

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