WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) — GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain receives an unlikely supporter while he is battling allegations of sexual harassment – shock jock Howard Stern.

YouTube clip is making the rounds showing Stern backing Cain on his Sirius/XM radio show.

It starts with Stern playing a parody of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” in which the lyrics ponder a dystopian society existing without pizza. Performed by Cain himself in 1991, the song jokingly plays to his background as former chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.

Once it ends, the subject of the scandal is discussed in more serious terms.

Robin Quivers, long-time co-host of “The Howard Stern Show,” broached the topic with Stern once the clip finished.

“You were talking earlier about the … allegations that he was accused of sexual harassment that has surfaced recently,” Quivers said.

Stern replied bluntly, “I think it’s a smear job.”

CBS Washington has reached out to both the Cain campaign and “The Howard Stern Show” for comment.

Late last month, reports surfaced that pegged Cain in a sex scandal that involved several of his former employees at the National Restaurant Association two decades ago.

The alleged victims told of incidents involving innuendo-filled conversations and sexually-charged personal questions. Cain reportedly also made sexual physical gestures at the victims.

Signed agreements and five-figure payouts were allegedly given to the victims, in exchange for their silence.

Before refusing to reply to questions on the matter, the Cain campaign released a statement to the Associated Press addressing the accusations head-on.

“Dredging up thinly sourced allegations … political trade press are now casting aspersions on his character and spreading rumors that never stood up the facts,” the release said. “Since Washington establishment critics haven’t had much luck in attacking Mr. Cain’s ideas to fix a bad economy and create jobs, they are trying to attack him in any way they can.”

A new poll released Sunday by Ipsos shows Cain’s poll numbers dropping for the first time since last week’s allegations.

Comments (4)
  1. Ellen says:

    1. puppet for the Koch brothers corporate interest, 2. 9% sales tax kills the middle class, poor and the economy, 3. don’t doubt those women for one minute.. Wouldn’t vote for him if he were the last Republican on the planet

    1. Guy Noir says:

      The “Ellen”s of the world have by-and-large had control over the two houses of Congress, and the Whitehouse, or heavily weighted mixture leaning Democrat since the early 1930’s. If you are unhappy with the way things have turned out, then look to the philosophy that brought rise to it. It is clear just looking at these graphs
      That it is not GOP control that has been in place for most of the period from 1930 to the present. [you will see mostly blue at the right side of the graph]
      I doubt you would know a “puppet” when you see one. That is what most people are who have simply bought into the standard “facts” taught in public schools for the last several decades. Don’t vote for him. The fourty percent self-described conservatives, together with those moderates who are SICK to DEATH of ever growing bureacracy will vote for whoever can displace the present regime.

  2. Darin Clements says:

    Sketchy “details” to say the least, pattern of crying wolf, evidence of nothing. A “five figure” payoff is small change for a real case. That was a “go-away” payoff. A 9% sales tax would ensure that EVERYONE contributes to the common good instead of being a leech and a drain on society.

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