Am I the only one that misses the NBA?  If there wasn’t a lockout I’d be getting hyped to watch the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki open up their season against the Chicago Bulls and reigning MVP Derrick Rose tonight.  I’d also be checking out the new look Washington Wizards.

I know everybody is focused on the swooning Washington Redskins, the improved Washington Capitals and the struggling Maryland Terrapins under Randy Edsall. I actually just wish I could check out NBA box scores tomorrow.  If the NBA season was underway, we’d get a chance to see John Wall in his second year as a pro.  His rookie year was pretty strong.  Wall averaged more than 16 points per game while dishing out 8.3 assists.  I wonder how much he’s improved this off-season?  I wonder if he’s improved his shooting?  Last year, Wall shot just 29 % from beyond the arc.  Can you imagine how good he will be when he adds a reliable jump shot to his repertoire?

I also wish I could see the rookie they drafted from the Czech Republic.  Remember Jan Vesely?  The Wizards drafted the 6’11” forward with the sixth pick in this year’s draft.  I wonder if he can live up to the highlight reels we’ve seen of him where he’s dunking like the European version of Blake Griffin?  I wonder if he can avoid being another Oleksiy Pecherov, the Ukranian seven footer the Wizards drafted in the first round back in 2006?

I also wonder if Flip Saunders can be successful with a roster with so many young players?  When Flip came to Washington, he had a veteran core led by Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler.  If the NBA season was underway, we’d get to see how he’d manage three rookies including Vesely, Chris Singleton from Florida State and Shelvin Mack from Butler.  I wonder if Singleton, two-time ACC defensive player of the year, can help the Wizards become a better team defensively?  I wonder if Mack can be a spark plug off the bench?  I wonder…

J.P. Flaim

Comments (2)
  1. Gus says:

    damn, no comments? ill help you out flaim. i miss the nba. i miss the runs, the dunks, the assists, the blocks. i cant wait to see how the young wiz kids play this year. I think we have a great roster and can see the wizards have the success that OKC is having. Can i win some tickets to the opener? haha

  2. Kipliette says:

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