I sat in my cave and watched the worst week of the NFL that I have ever seen. Awful matchups, pitiful quarterbacks, pathetic running games, dreadful coaching decisions, horrific officiating and downright disgusting, nauseating and time-consuming football.

I’m not sure what it is about this year’s product, but it sucks. The bottom of the league is horrible and the fact that the Rams with AJ Feely can beat the Saints is an embarrassment. What was Sean Payton doing with his play calling.? The Saints trailed 24-7 late in the 3rd and Brees was huddling up like he was killing the clock.

The Dolphins shouldn’t even be allowed in the same stadium with the Giants. The Cardinals blow chunks and they were up 24-3 at Baltimore. We have seen teams score ZERO points in back to back weeks. The penalties are mounting like the national debt in Greece. The entire league is hurt….some cat named Ogbonnaya was Cleveland’s leading rusher.

The QBs were a forest fire. Tebow, Feely, McCoy, Jackson, Gabbart, Painter, Moore and Beck wouldnt even make rosters 15 years ago and if they did they would be 3rd teamers. Four teams in the late games barely had 100 total yards of offense in the 3rd quarter of their games and one of them was the Pats! My college fantasy team is better than any of my NFL fantasy teams and Saturdays are much more entertaining than Sundays for me. Those are the facts.

Is this the best the NFL can do? I realize there was some decent teams on bye, but if this the future I may start going on wine tours on the weekends because I won’t miss much.

  1. Ryan says:

    Shocker, Lurch turns to alcohol when all else fails for him. Gabbart Simpson is silly, have someone proofread your dribble before you put it out there.

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