Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley joined the LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes for the Cooley Zone, and expressed his irritation with fans and media who are suggesting that changes should be made after the team lost their third straight game on Sunday to the Buffalo Bills.

Cooley, who is on season-ending injured reserve, watched the game yesterday and though he was frustrated with the performance of the offense, he does not believe it is time to change players or the staff.

“Our fan base hates our owner because he can’t ever keep a coach, he’ll never keep players, he’ll never keep guys around, he changes it and it’s like a fantasy football team to him. But then everyone calls in and says we gotta get rid of Kyle Shanahan, we gotta get rid of Mike Shanahan, we gotta trade Chris Cooley. I hate it, what we’ve got to do is keep consistency over a period of time and continue to try to build.”

Listen to Cooley explain why the Redskins should stay consistent

Full Interview with Chris Cooley


Comments (5)
  1. Vwntocluberdons says:

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  2. whatdiga says:

    Actually.. what he said was for LaVar and Dukes to relax.. way to spin it though..

  3. dcsports says:

    Its funny that Lavar says to Cooley “that’s fair”, when he is one of the people that has bashed snyder while also suggesting maybe the skins should fire the current coaching staff.

  4. Jay says:

    Wise, Chris Cooley is trying to kiss up to Mike Shanihan’s butt so that he can get paid by Danny Sneider next year. Cooley is done here and probably anywhere else. Cooley is why the Skins, err Pigskins, are perennially a 7-9 team. Dukes and LaVarr are in his camp because he comes on their show. Get him outta here….

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