It’s Week 8. All season long Cakes and Danny have been giving out great advice. If you’re just joining us, welcome. Strap up though, we have some catching up to do.

Each week, Cakes and Danny Rouhier will answer your questions and give you their opinions on what your moves should be. If you have any questions you’d like them to tackle, click here.

Hey Snakes, Everything I’m reading this week says Dez Bryant is due for a stinker this Sunday against the Eagles. Do you think so too? – Shawn, Drama City Titans

Cakes: It’s hard for me to recommend sitting Dez Bryant this week, even though the Philadelphia Eagles defense is pretty stingy.  Bryant is the clear big-play threat in the Dallas offense, with Austin Miles still trying to work his way back after his hamstring injury.  Dez averages nearly 4 more yards per reception than Miles, and is more likely to post the superior stat line this Sunday.  Most likely, with the bye weeks affecting your lineup, you don’t have 2 or 3 better options that warrant putting Bryant on your bench.    I wouldn’t want Dez handling my 401k portfolio, but I would trust him for a start this weekend.

Hey guys, a tough one here that I need major help with. My scenario right now is i have MJD and Mendenhall as my Running Backs, Fred Jackson in the flex, and Vincent Jackson and Dez Bryant as my WRS. My question is, should i move Fred Jackson up to a running back for Mendenhall or MJD (because they have been so inconsistent) and put Sydney Rice at flex or put Sydney Rice in for Vincent Jackson or just leave it the way it is? Thanks! – Devin, Team Gatlin

Danny: Very simple answer: no. You’re over-thinking things which we tend to do in fantasy when we struggle for a couple weeks. You’ve got much better players and there’s no reason to play Rice most weeks. The Seattle offense looks like a group of chickens trying to do math in the dirt. We’re pining for Tavaris Jackson… say that out loud. Gross. The Week 3 game vs AZ accounted for nearly half his season yardage totals. He’s nothing more than a desperate bye week fill in and should be treated as such.

Cakes, I have a spot left for either a WR or RB and the only poo-poo’s I have to choose from is Bernard Scott or Jabar Gaffney. I have the same dilemma for Tight End:  Aaron Hernandez or Fred Davis. –  Marcos, Team: Cakes’ Ego

Cakes: I almost always select a running back over a wide receiver for a flex spot, and I’m going to continue that trend with Scott over Gaffney.  With Cedric Benson serving a 1-game suspension for being a chronic knucklehead, Bernard Scott gets his chance in the spotlight, against Seattle.  The Seahawks gave up 141 rushing yards in last week’s 6-3 barnburner loss to the Cleveland Browns.  By the way, we should show that game on a loop to terrorist suspects until they start singing like a canary…just a brutal display.  Scott gets the nod over Gaffney, who should have a decent game with Santana Moss sidelined.  As for your tight end dilemma, I’m going with the hometown fave, Fred Davis.  With Chris Cooley and Santana Moss sidelined, Davis could be John Beck’s top target in Toronto this weekend.  I think Hernandez is the superior player, but he has to fight Welker and Gronkowski for looks from Tom Brady.

I’m in bye week hell. Not to mention my team is already terrible. Do you think Ben Tate will produce at all on Sunday, or am I better off picking up off the scrap heap with guys like Maurice Morris or Hardesty? Help in Suckville! – Mason, Straight Nightmare

Danny: -Mason, we’ve all been there. Tate is a decent play this week as the Jacksonville squad we saw this past Monday wasn’t the real Jville. They stink and will return to form. I see a nice day for Foster & the Houston offense which could mean nice things for Tate as well. He’ll get his 10 touches & has enough explosion to do something with them. Denver can’t stop anyone on the ground so Morris isn’t an atrocious play but Detroit hates running the ball. See if you can grab a guy like Helu who is in line for some carries & touches going forward but more than anything, don’t overreact to the bye week issues. Take your punch like a man.

Hey, Do I go the with Tim Tebow this week or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Don’t want to sway your judgement, but I’m leaning toward Fitz. – Scooter, Pylon Divers

Cakes: I have to hop off the Tebow bandwagon this week.  You lose out on the rushing yards that Tebow will add to your stat line, but you get a much more productive overall package by starting Fitzpatrick.  The Harvard grad QB has 2 or more TD passes in 4 of his 6 starts on the season, and should have success against a Redskins defense that has been slipping over the last two weeks.  Tebow faces much stiffer competition this week, with the Lions coming to Denver.  He’s not facing a winless team in this outing; instead, he has to tangle with a fearsome Detroit defensive unit that’s stinging from consecutive losses to San Francisco and Atlanta.  Throw in the fact that Detroit leads the NFL in turnover differential at +10, and is pretty adept at sacking opposing QB’s, with 17 through 7 weeks, and there’s not alot to like about Tebow’s matchup.

 I have Flacco and Kolb. They actually play each other this weekend. Who’s a better start of the two? – Mitch, Country Sippin’

Danny: Fantasy football is a funny thing. We sometimes talk ourselves into things and forget about readily apparent facts. Here is a fact: Arizona stinks. They’re D stinks and they treat receivers like infected zombies. Everyone gets well against them and Flacco will be no exception this week. As bad as he was against Jacksonville last week, he’ll reward owners with a nice day against Arizona. As for Kolb, I was one of those guys that bought in on him in a couple leagues thinking he might be an upper tier QB2 with some big weeks. I was lied to. He’s not a good play more often then not, and you’ll likely be able to find better bye week options on waivers. Play Flacco.


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