Redskins tight end Chris Cooley spoke for the first time today since being put on IR Tuesday and his season coming to an end with a knee injury. Cooley said he’s had trouble running more than 10 yards at a time without pain.

“I fell 100% that I am a casualty for the season of the lockout”, said Cooley. “I think it was a shame that they didn’t let players who had surgery spend time with the doctors and trainers that they trust on a daily basis.”

“What I went through in July, I could have went through in March”, continued Cooley.

His knee was drained 15 times this season. Cooley was hoping he could manage the pain and work through it for the season. Cooley says he met with Dr. Andrews in Florida prior to being placed on injured reserve. Following that meeting, he and his doctor decided the best course of action was to take time off now so he could have a chance at playing the game in the future.

Listen here to the whole press conference as he talks a lot about what he’s been going through this season.


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