This morning, here at 106.7 The Fan studios in Fairfax, a car jumped the curb and smashed through the building. Amazingly, no one was injured, including the driver.


It happened around 7:40, just after “The Sports Junkies” went to commercial break. The Honda Civic narrowly missed a tree, but plowed right into the call-screeners’ room, just outside the air studio. Producer Adam Gracia was leaving the room just as the car smashed through the window right next to where he was sitting.

Talking to the Junkies on air, Gracia said, “The second I got up I heard a loud crack, and one of you guys’ said it sounded like lightning, and that’s what I thought it was too. Then you started hearing glass shatter.”

The crash also knocked down the wall and destroyed equipment in the update anchor’s office which sits adjacent to the call-screening room.

The driver of the vehicle told authorities that he was trying to dodge a pedestrian and swerved into the building.

Jason Bishop of The Junkies wasn’t so sure about the man in the street. “There was a pedestrian…in his dreams…because he was sleeping”

Listen To The Junks Describe The Scene Moments After It Happens:

Check out the gallery of photos here


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