WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) — The Herman Cain advertisement that has quickly become a viral sensation and a popular subject of national discussion has been placed back on his official YouTube channel, after the campaign temporarily pulled it from the page.

CBS News reported about the existence of the new commercial Monday, posting a video of the ad. According to the story, it went up on Herman Cain’s official YouTube page Oct. 19.

This morning, the ad was nowhere to be seen. But as of 4:30 p.m., the attention-grabbing spot reappeared, and now sits in a prominent position as the first video visitors see.

The ad — entitled “Now is the time for action!” — features Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block standing outside an unidentified building, delivering an assortment of somewhat cliché pro-candidate platitudes while being filmed from various angles.

“Tomorrow is one day closer to the White House,” an unsmiling Block says to the camera.

He also adds, “America’s never seen a candidate like Herman Cain.”

Block’s delivery is choppy at best, and the script somewhat banal, but it all appears to be standard fare for a political spot until he finishes talking.

It is at that point the ad takes a decidedly unusual turn.

The soft, driving techno beat heard in the background from the beginning swells as Block glares and takes a drag of a cigarette previously out of view.

“We are America, one voice, united we stand,” the singer belts over the background music.

The song itself is an original called “I Am America,” performed by former American Idol contestant Krista Branch. It also reportedly serves as an anthem for the Tea Party movement.

The ad then concludes with a long shot of Cain, beginning with a serious expression on his face as he makes eye contact with the camera, until a smile and a small laugh break through at the very end.

This finishing shot has been used at the end of other videos still on the campaign’s YouTube channel.

CBS Washington has reached out to the Cain campaign for further comment, but so far campaign officials have not responded.

In the latest CBS News/New York Times poll, Cain is at the top of the field of Republican presidential hopefuls, garnering 25 percent support of GOP primary voters. Mitt Romney is second with 21 percent.

“Now is the time for action!” Ad:


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