‘Occupy Norfolk’ Struggles to Find ‘Definitive End List’ for Movement

NORFOLK, Va. (CBS Washington) — “Occupy Norfolk” is struggling to find an identity as some protesters laugh about what the goal of the movement is.

While the movement has taken the steps to set up a campsite and base of operations in Commercial Plaza– symbolically close in proximity to Bank of America and BB&T locations — they reportedly haven’t worked out the specifics of what they want to do.

WAVY-TV quotes several protesters who seemed less than sure of the details regarding how the movement will make an impact.

“Oh, I have no idea,” one participant reportedly said while laughing, after being asked how this sect of “Occupy” will reach its goals.

Jeffrey Musselman, one of the lead organizers for “Occupy Norfolk,” feels this characterization of their occupation is unfair.

“We’ve been here around the clock, working toward finding a common end goal,” he told CBS Washington, adding that an official mission statement is in the works, and should be finalized soon. “I think it’s sort of misguided to say we lack direction. We don’t have a definitive end list of things that we’re trying to accomplish, but we definitely have a great head on our shoulders about what we’re doing.”

Presently, the “Occupy Norfolk” website has a rough draft of their mission statement posted.

Musselman, who noted that he and others have been organizing the local occupation for at least a month, added that “Occupy Norfolk” is especially frustrated by a seeming federal tendency toward corporate coddling and favoritism.

“(The phrase) ‘Separation of Corporation and State’ seems to resonate with a lot of people here,” he added.

At present, the “Occupy Norfolk” Facebook group has over 4,500 members, and hundreds turn out to take part in marches and general assembly meetings. Between those two activities, the “Occupy” branch has at least one thing planned for every day and night of the week.

“I think the (entire “Occupy”) movement as a whole is sort of open-ended. I think everything relies upon building a consensus within the group … (so) we’re reluctant to push out one specific goal, or a couple. We want everyone’s voice to be included.”

It’s a work in progress, and Musselman cited other plans organizers have come up with to develop “Occupy Norfolk” through short-term plans into a respected and long-lasting occupation.

“We have strategies for expanding our presence in the area … and we’re also looking at getting into more targeted demos – similar to our marches, but more targeting one particular thing,” Musselman said. “We’ve also been in contact with some other movements in Virginia, looking for ways to get state-wide activity going.”

  • molly

    Who says there is no purpose? Enjoying the great live reads of Huckleberry Milton today. The literary aspects of this revolution is illuminating.

    • jimbo

      You mean THIS:

      Huckleberry Milton and a robotic Jerry Garcia travel through recent American history in an attempt to jump start the economy by reviving the economy via impromptu concerts. Along the way, a lot of stream-of-consciousness psychedelic wackiness ensues.

      The literary aspects of COLLEGE are illuminating–like Macro 101, for instance…Hey man, did you know that “corporations” don’t actually pay taxes man? I know, right? They like, pass them on to their, like, consumers, man, and just add to inflation…inflation, man…like, wowwww…

      • Kozlowski

        Corporate profits do not add to inflation. They make the economic pie larger, and everyone shares in those benefits. Corporate profits are what have created the amazing world we inhabit, the longer lives we enjoy, and the unprecedented standard of living – which far too many of us now take for granted!

        Inflation at root is caused by government policy and debasement of currency.

        S-Corporations do not pay taxes because the person(s) who own those corporations pay them instead.

        Separate “capitalism” which is good – very good – from “crony capitalism” which is bad. Reserve your ire for those corporations like GE who paid no taxes. How many taxpayers does it take to make up the $5 billion that GE SHOULD have paid? Root out crony capitalism with “separation of state and corporations” and we will all live in a fairer world.

        Get a flat tax with no deductions. Like Hong Kong has and which has worked for them so well they reduced the tax rate from 17% flat tax to a 15% flat tax!

        Do you think Anarchy is a good idea? Visit Cambodia and report bad to me.

        Do you think Communism is a good idea? Visit North Korea and report back to me.

        Do you think Socialism is a good idea? Visit any one of the PIGS countries in Europe and report back to me. Try to get healthcare in Canada or England and report back to me.

        Once you open your eyes, you realize that things were never so bad here after all. We just thought it was.

  • jimbo

    How about this for a goal: Take (and pass) Macroeconomics 101, Financial Accounting 101, or Business Management 101 at a local community college.

    Then report back to the group about how your eyes have been opened and you are no longer living in willful ignorance, just because it is easier than working.

    What a bunch of slobs…

    • Johnny5

      Add Marketing 101 and Business Statistics 101 and these nitwits will at least have a core understanding of how the world around them actually works.

      • USArmyCombatMedic

        And maybe English 101 so they can write coherent signs.

    • Jim

      Jimbo. Nice post. I am honored to share your name.


  • Kevin D. Korenthal

    There are a myriad of problems with this occupy movement. First, it is not a movement, it’s a fad. Secondly, camping overnight in protest just encourages all kinds of frustrating and illegal behavior that tarnishes the rest of the group. You’ll note that no such sleepins were present during the height of the TEA Party protests and won’t be when they resume in force next year.

    • jasperddbgghost

      Tea Party people don’t do sleep ins.

      They can afford hotels well…because they occupy a job.

      • dydx


        Instead of Occupy Wall Street they should Occupy a Payroll Sheet…

      • U.S. Common Sense

        hahaha . . . yes, that’s one of the biggest differences between a movement (like the Tea Party) and an event (Occupy these spaces). The Tea Party had a core message that was clearly defined, while the Occupy these spaces lack a core message, especially since there are so many subgroups with polar-opposite messages involved. Anything that includes Big Unions, Ron Paul Supporters, Socialists, Lyndon LaRouche followers, et al will never agree to a single message, and as a result, will fail.

        As far as the spoiled college students who are complaining that they have high debt and no access to jobs, they a) are to blame for their fiscal decisions when going to college (they could have CLEP’d courses, sought out small scholarships to subsidize their costs, attended some courses at community colleges, etc), and b) should embrace what the founders of these large corporations that they hate so much did decades ago . . . take the initiative and create your own job instead on relying on others to give you one.

      • asacan

        Perhaps I’m over-simplifying things or maybe I’m outright confused, but when I think of the OW_ and their lack of unified direction, I think of the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia. Even the word Bolshevik means “majority”, which the OW_ crowd think they represent (99%?). And just think, that was 95 years ago today (I just looked that up).

        I realize that not everyone involved in these OW_ are communists, Marxists, socialists, et al, but it won’t matter if they have their way. I’m hoping I’m either very confused in this analogy or that history doesn’t repeat itself.

      • ROBBOB

        They have jobs?? Really??? Well, I do not have one and the Koch brothers have yet to give me any money. They are supposed to be paying every Tea Party person, but I have apparently been left out. Or teh reality is, they have not paid a dime to any Tea Party protester. We do not have mass produced signs courtesy of the UAW, Teamsters, Soros. We do not rape like Occupy Dallas. We do have a complete and communicated agenda whereas Occupy XXXXX is clueless. The odd fact is that Occupy XXXXX protests against their greatest benefactors. What if Wall Street “members” stopped giving money to universities, hospitals, Democratic Party, a myriad of charities, and need I continue??? I bet most of the Occupy XXXXX crowd are from families in teh topo 10% of earners.

      • USArmyCombatMedic

        Or at least can occupy the Help Wanted section of Craigslist.

    • Happydots

      I just hope they hang out until after November 8th when elections are done… less moronic liberal votes to deal with.

      • Sam

        My concern is that we know ACORN, unions, greenies, etc are behind OWS. The Obummer lovers in general. I have no doubt that ACORN will use these protest to sign up and educate everyone on how to vote multiple times in various locations as to re-elect the idiot in the WH. Just watch what frauds come up next November

  • Frank

    A protest in search of a purpose. Liberal is as liberal does.

    • Marbran

      Great coment!

  • jrclark

    How about :

    “We lost our marbles, and the people that won them were all cheating, so we want our marbles back”

  • Jan Greenhawk

    Too funny…the say they have a good head on their shoulders. Is that one brain for all of them to share? These idiots can’t even speak clearly without their communist talking points. They don’t have specifics because they don’t have a clue.

  • Stan

    Start the draft up again, that will give these people to “OCCUPY” their pea brain.

    • Steve

      Amen Stan – good idea…except that these losers would be the first to surrender when push comes to shove. Send them someplace where it does not matter…..like Afghanistan.

    • USArmyCombatMedic

      While that notion may be entertaining to you, it’s horrifying to me. (Also slightly insulting, but I digress). Ever find it annoying to go to work and have that one co-worker hate his job so much that he pushes the vibe onto you? Well imagine serving with him. Day and night. 365 days a year.

      Some of us in the Army are actually proud to serve a country that has treated us so well. Please don’t liken us to these ingrates.

      • OICU812

        You’re right, I thought the same thing when I read the original post. I wouldn’t want the lives of my kids or any service member relying on trash like that. Hopefully, the armed services have a way to weed out the riffraff. I thank you for your service and these idiots should thank you too. Lets see them occupy Tehran or Damascus! We already know how things went in Tienanmen Square…

  • OICU812

    We want more stuff, and we don’t want to work to get it.

  • Bobo355

    The Goal: Take money from George Soros to stand around and yell and make noise and give support to President Failure. They are Obots, Sorons, Zombies. Same thing.

    • OICU812

      That sums things up pretty well.

  • enemyoftheobamastate

    The federal government is the enemy of the people!

  • Black Eagle

    Reds of various hues, seeking to emulate Lenin and Mao. Don’t be fooled, they dont give a rat’s behind about ordinary people. The goal is take-over, after which the head-shooting will begin.

  • jsburke

    I can hear them chanting now……. “What do we want? We don’t know, we haven’t really given it much thought…. When do we want it? We’ll get back to you on that one as soon we know what it is we want. After that we’ll want it sometime after noon, preferably 3ish or 4ish after we wake up, eat, watch a little TV, catch up on Twitter.

  • Rico Suave

    I wonder how many of these people are missing work?

    • USArmyCombatMedic

      Like the teachers, et al.

    • mewp

      If they are they should be fired and the job given to someone who wants to work.

      • USArmyCombatMedic

        Too bad they are tenured. And the Unions will never go away as long as they vote Dem.

  • Cynnibun

    “and hundreds turn out to take part in marches and general assembly meetings”.
    When? I work in the BB&T building downtown, there is never more than 8 people there at any given time. They must be counting the 100s that cross the street in front of them at 5:00 everyday, going to their cars, from their JOBS!!!
    Give it up, you people are lazy! I asked a co-worker what they were doing that day, he said; “Just laying around.” I thought he was kidding until I looked down there. No one sleeps in those tents they are there as a prop. The whole thing is a sham.

  • Kevin Strange

    I work in Norfolk Va and walk by there everyday… There is nothing there but tents and a port-o-potty. I can assure you there aren’t 4500 people remotely there. There might be two.

    • Sam

      If you added up all the OWS protesters from all the cities in USA, there are maybe a total of 6,000 – 8,000 total. Or about 1/100th of the Tea Party gaterhing in DC

  • Trw2k

    Maybe the uninformed party in this is the reporter for CBS Washington.
    I think it is quite evident what “Occupy” is all about and it should be to all of you as well if you have been conscious for the last 5 years.

    I love how we love to tout the “freedoms we have in this country just to tear down the people who actually exercise them.

    • OICU812

      You are absolutely right. Though, if they are going to exercise their rights and freedom as Americans, they should know what they are protesting. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    • USArmyCombatMedic

      Also, you should fully understand your freedoms. For example, your freedoms are quite extensive, however, they do not allow you to repress the freedom of others. Free speech may not be what you think. The same is true of Freedom of Assembly, e.g. I cannot just assemble a crowd in your backyard.

      Oh and we are not tearing down OWS protesters for exercising their freedoms. We are ridiculing them for their ignorance in regards to economy/business/capitalism.

  • Jeff

    I think winter will help bring some “clarity” this this unwashed, confused movement of misfits, losers, nair-do-wells & never done anythings.

  • Mr 5 percent

    “oh I have no idea…”

    Really? what a bunch of deadbeats. Move to North Dakota and get a job!

  • JOe Dutra

    Teacher! Teacher! I know! I know! It’s a reality comedy show. Can I go to the bathroom now?

  • Dave

    their confusion and lack of focus is perfect metaphor for the current Adminstration’s economic policies… don’t take responsibility.. blame someone else and create a straw man against which you rail and rant… for Obama its Congress… nevermind he had super majorities in both houses for 2 years

    no wonder Pelosi, Biden and Obama love these people they are distraction from the failed WH policies of spend more and when in doubt……spend more

  • Daniel Petry

    Join us at Occupy Saturn. A tad cold and the gravity is somewhat harsh but let’s rock on!!

  • caligula

    Must suck to be so poor you have cell phones and MacBook Pros to message one another about how bad you have it.

    • USArmyCombatMedic

      Unfortunately, they bought the cell phone on the gov’t’s dime : google LifeLine Assistance.

      Oh, and the laptops were purchased with federal financial aid, which they feel they should not have to pay back.

  • steve

    They don’t know why they are occupying? What a bunch of cretins.

  • phillysmart

    Occupy anything is simply a get together of nut jobs

  • 500 Yardline

    How about having an ‘Occupy the Shower’ movement where all this collection of anal fungus can learn basic hygiene that their sperm donor and sperm bank failed to teach while they were growing up.

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