Watching the Packers yesterday was like watching Tiger at the 2002 US Open or Rafael Nadal at last year’s French…untouchable. They spot Minny 7, but never really looked in danger and I looked at the schedule today and I’m not sure this team will be beat in the regular season. Are they as good as the Pats in 2007? I think they are because they are the defending champs. The 07 Pats lost to Indy the year before. You tell me. A-Rod is having a historic season and is on pace for over 40 TDs his QB rating is 126.  He’s only thrown 3 picks in 240 attempts and he has 4 legit pro bowl type weapons. Offensively, they can’t be stopped. Defensively, they may have some issues, but it’s good enough. If a team wants to beat them they will have to outgun them and I’m not sure anyone can on this schedule….

@SD…will be tough, but it’s after a bye and the weather will be perfect and Rivers is awful this year. Winner.

Minny at home….easy win

Tampa at home….another easy win, Freeman will throw 2 picks

@Det, Turkey Day…dicey, but Stafford is already hurt and they can’t run the ball. The more you pass the quicker Rodgers comes back on the field…winner.

@NYG…here is the spot. Not that NY is that good, but this will be in early December and the weather will blow and the media will be hounding this team asking only one question. Plus the Giants will be able to run it a bit. I’m on the fence on this game.

But if NY can’t do it nobody else will touch them. Oak, @KC, Chi and Det…I see 15 wins and the Giant game is up for debate. One thing is for sure…A-Rod is the easy MVP.

  1. brian says:

    its all about staying healthy at the key spots. they won the super bowl last year after putting alot of guys on ir (9?) right now they are scurrrry good and fun to watch. it will take an almost perfect game to beat them.

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