It’s Week 7. Hopefully you are looking good for a playoff run. If not, don’t worry. There is still time! Cakes and Danny are here to help.

Each week, Cakes and Danny Rouhier will answer your questions and give you their opinions on what your moves should be. If you have any questions you’d like them to tackle, click here

I’m unsure about whether to start Washington DEF v. Carolina or New Orleans DEF v. Indianapolis. New Orleans has been my starting defense, but I started Washington last week and they netted me more points. New Orleans seems to have been slipping the past few weeks so my intuition tells me to go with Washington DEF.

 Also, do I start Mike Tolbert or Earnest Graham?  – Jake, Team: DIESEL

Cakes: Call it a hunch, but I’m taking the Saints d over the Redskins unit this week.  Even though the Redskins defense is statistically superior across the board, I like the Saints matchup a lot better, as they host the Indianapolis Colts.  I’ll gamble with a home team against a Curtis Painter-led offense, over facing Cam Newton, Steve Smith and company on the road. Cam Newton is averaging nearly 350 passing and rushing yards per week, and Steve Smith loves to match up against DeAngelo Hall, dating back to Hall’s time as an Atlanta Falcon.  Most weeks, start the Redskins defense, but I would stay away this week.

As for your RB question, it’s a no-brainer…Graham over Tolbert.  Blount’s knee injury in Tampa Bay has cleared the way for Graham to become the lead back for the next few weeks, while Tolbert is dinged and losing carries to an emerging Ryan Mathews.

Hey Danny,  I have Torain on my bench. I saw that Cincy D is available as a Free Agent because of their bye week. I’m thinking about picking up the defense and dropping Torain. My current defense is Atlanta. Bad Idea? – Steven, Bain’s Army

Danny: –It depends on the rest of your squadron. Not a cop out, just the simple truth of fantasy sports: can you deal with it? Much like breaking up with a girl, there will be a time when you see her, with a new dude, minus 10 pounds and those annoying quirks like shrieking at you about which silverware to use and you’ll think, ‘damn’. Can you handle that moment? Torain is going to have a week, for someone in your league, when he racks up a 100 plus and a TD or 2. You don’t know when it’s coming, but it’s going to happen. Can you handle that moment? I wouldn’t drop Torain if I could avoid it. I’d rather have him do that on my bench then for someone else against me later on. And, for what it’s worth, despite that horrible showing last week in a great matchup, I like him as a solid RB2 play this week against a Carolina defense that hates stopping the run (31st in the league).

The Cinci defense is the 7th ranked D in fantasy (depending on scoring) and should be owned at this point. They’ve got a fairly soft schedule and will be a good start a few more times this year. They’ve scored well because of fumble recoveries (which tend to not be a great indicator and more of a fickle stat) and they’ve only got a couple picks. They get to the QB at a decent clip which tends to be an indicator that more INTs are coming. I’d actually rather own the Cincy D than the ATL D at this point. ATL still has New Orleans twice and they’ve already given up the 7th most points this season. ATL will get scored on and since they don’t get to the QB enough, won’t make up for it with sacks and turnovers.

Who is the better QB this weekend. Matt Stafford or Tim Tebow? Also, What Tight End should I go with? Ben Watson or Fred Davis? Thanks for your answers last week which gave me the win! Marcos- Team: Cakes’ Hair

Cakes: Matt Stafford is a must-start, and he’s on track to post Top 10 QB numbers this season, if he continues at this pace.  I just can’t bench a guy in Stafford that has 15 TD’s and just 4 picks thru 6 weeks.  Oh, and throwing to that Megatron guy doesn’t hurt his value either.  I recognize Tebow’s fantasy value, especially with the bonus points his rushing ability brings to your team, but I can’t elevate him over Matt Stafford.   I’m more pro-Stafford than I am anti-Tebow.    Let’s watch and digest Tebow’s start in Miami, while you’ve got as close to a sure thing start at QB with Stafford, in what could be a high-scoring affair against Atlanta.

As for your tight end conundrum, i give the nod to Fred Davis.  A young or inexperienced QB like John Beck will lean heavily on the tight end as a safety valve, and with Chris Cooley sidelined with a broken finger, Davis should get a lot of looks this Sunday.

Do I take a chance on Palmer this weekend? I have Vick, but he is on bye. My backup is Colt Mccoy. Who do I start ? – Omar, Half Smokies

Danny: I’d roll with McCoy this week. Palmer was on a couch on Monday. He doesn’t know the O in depth as yet and will need some time to get acclimated. I think Oakland relies heavily on Darren McFadden this week. I think he’ll be a decent option going forward but I like to let a guy show me he’ll do it before I give him the green light in fantasy. McCoy is not a terrible play this week. Seattle is giving up close to 270 yards per game through the air and McCoy could be in for a decent day; especially for a bye week fill-in.

I’m low on running backs. I going to visit the waiver wire. Who’s going to get the carries and/or touchdowns in Detroit?  – Tracy, Team: Corner Fade

Cakes: If Detroit running back Maurice Morris were a stock, I’d buy him right now at a super cheap price.  After this weekend, his value may skyrocket, especially if Jahvid Best’s concussion symptoms keep him out for an extended period.  Best is a tiny, fragile back that has a history of concussion issues, and they have surfaced again.  Former Redskin Keiland Williams may become the goal-line vulture, stealing some short yardage looks from Morris.  But your target should be Morris, who is a very capable plug and play option for your team during the bye weeks.  It’s not very often that you can scoop up a starting running back for an explosive offense like Detroit’s in Week 7.  If Morris is available, sprint palms up to your computer, and add him to your roster.

I have 3 QB’s I can start this weekend. Big Ben, Tebow, or Hasselbeck? Confused. – Simon- Turf Raiders

I’m all in on the jorts era in Denver. They stink and they know it. Give them credit for acknowledging it and going with the young guy. Denver traded Lloyd away which will scare some people but it shouldn’t. All it means is that other guys will benefit. I think the Broncos will take a page out of Carolina’s book and put the rock in Tebow’s hands an inordinate amount of times. That means those pedestrian passing numbers get a huge bump with those rushing yards and a potential QB keeper for 6. Tebow is not an NFL caliber passer but who cares? This is fantasy sports and QBs that run are worth their weight in gold. This week, a great matchup against Miami who has all but declared they intend to do whatever it takes to draft Andrew Luck.
I know Big Ben has Arizona which seems cushy (it is) but I think the result is huge days for the Pittsburgh rushers rather than Big Ben. Pitt will roll in this game and I think they run, run, and run some more. Houston has been pretty good vs the pass this year (11th in the league) so I don’t see Hasselbeck having a day better than those other 2 guys. In addition, if it’s me, I try and trade one of those guys not named Tebow to help out your roster


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