Monday afternoons the Terps roll out their new depth chart, and usually there is nothing of significance.  A replaced injured player here or there is the “highlight” of the new depth chart.  Today is a new day.  A few updates for you

Quarterback – C.J. Brown takes over full-time for Danny O’Brien starting with Saturday’s contest at Florida State.  This comes as no shock, but it is significant that they aren’t listed as Co-starter this week.

Running Back – No changes. Hopefully we’ll see more D.J. Adams this week after the ineffictiveness of the running game in short situations last week.

Wide Receiver – Leading receiver Kevin Dorsey is not on the depth chart (injury related).  No Ronnie Tyler on the depth chart (Likely due to his drops over the course of the season). Quinton McCree and Marcus Leak (true freshman) are your starters this week.  Tony Logan is backing up McCree and Kerry Boykins is back on the depth chart behind Leak.

Tight End – No changes.  Furstenburg and Campbell are still the first and second.

Offensive Line – No changes. From Left to Right across the line: Max Garcia, Pete White, Bennett Fulper, Josh Cary and R.J. Dill.

Defensive Line – No changes. Looks like Maurice Hampton has supplanted A.J. Francis as the starter alongside Joe Vellano at Defensive Tackle for now.

Linebacker – Here’s where the biggest change outside Quarterback occurs.  Mario Rowson and Alex Twine listed as starters ahead of Kenny Tate and Darin Drakeford, respectively. In previous weeks, Tate and Drakeford have been listed as the starter, but haven’t played due to injuries.  So why make them backups now if they are healthy? Or have them on at all if they are not healthy?  Demetrius Hartsfield isn’t even listed on this weeks depth chart, Lorne Goree is in his spot, with Cole Farrand as his backup.

Defensive Backs – No changes. Still Cam Chism and Dexter McDougle at Cornerback and Titus Till and Eric Franklin at Safety

Specialists – Only change is Tony Logan now back on the Kick Returning team.

Obviously a few oddities here this week in the depth chart, and silly to read into things until Coach Randy Edsall speaks tomorrow, but the Linebackers seem to be the biggest question mark.  Injuries are starting to add up, and Edsall hinted at some players being out “multiple weeks” and mentioned surgery.  We will find out tomorrow who those players are.
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