This Sunday the Washington Redskins have a chance to bury the Philadelphia Eagles and hand them their fifth straight loss. After winning their season opener against the winless St. Louis Rams the Eagles have struggled with turnovers, late game collapses and a weak rushing defense. As much as I want to pick the Redskins — I’ve picked them every week up until now — I just don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with the Eagles.

There are some things working for the Redskins. Mike Shanahan is 10-5 after a bye week. But can we really have faith in that trend? Last year the Eagles crushed the Redskins in Fed Ex Field on Monday night 59-28 AFTER a Redskins bye week.

The Redskins defense is vastly improved this year. If they can sack Michael Vick like they did Sam Bradford two weeks ago then it’s hard to imagine the Eagles winning on Sunday. And the Eagles offensive line is banged up a bit. Their best lineman, starting tackle Jason Peters, is out with an injury. Still, Michael Vick is too elusive and even though he’s been hit a ton this year, he’s averaging 8.4 yards per carry this season.

Finally, the Eagles offensive is by far the most explosive offense the Redskins have faced this season. Vick has already thrown for 1,336 yards and run for 318 yards. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson is averaging nearly 20 yards a reception. Jeremy Macklin has racked up 32 catches and 3 touchdowns. Running back LeSean McCoy is averaging 5.8 yards/carry with 5 touchdowns and also has 19 catches with two receiving touchdowns. And as team, the Eagles already have 28 plays that have gone for twenty yards or more. I’m not saying the Redskins can’t win on Sunday — I believe Coach Shanahan has this team headed in the right direction — I just think the Eagles have too much ammunition and are too talented to lose their fifth straight game.

Philadelphia Eagles 27, Washington Redskins 21

JP Flaim

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  1. P1 Hans says:

    FLAIM ON! The Eagles have not faced a top 10 defense. Skins R #6. That will factor in the game. If the defense steps up, D Hall gets a pick or Kerrigan & Rack knock out Vick. We R in the win column. Conversely, if Rex throws 2 picks and our D is subjugated…..Skins R cooked.

  2. Yahocaun says:

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