Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich is not happy with the NHL’s new efforts to protect players from concussions.

One night after Jay Beagle was held out of the rest of the Penguins matchup after being knocked down in a fight with Arron Asham, Laich referred to the policy as “awareness crap.”

“I really don’t care about that awareness crap, to be honest, I’m sick of hearing all this talk about concussions and the quiet room. This is what we love to do, guys love to play, they love to compete, they want to be on the ice. How do you take that away from somebody?

In March of last year, after Penguins star Sidney Crosby spent the second half of the season sidelined with a concussion the , NHL enforce dnew rules concerning players who may have suffered a concussion during a game. As per NHL.com, a player suspected of having a concussion will be”removed from the game and sent to a quiet place free from distraction so they can be examined by the on-site team physician.”

Laich, the Capitals’ NHL player rep, went on to say “We accept that there’s going to be dangers when we play this game and you know that every night you get dressed. Sometimes it feels like we’re being babysat a little too much. We’re grown men, we should have a little say in what we want to do.”


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