Week 6 is here. Bye week’s will really test your team’s depth. Cakes and Danny are going to guide you through it.

Each week, Cakes and Danny Rouhier will answer your questions and give you their opinions on what your moves should be. If you have any questions you’d like them to tackle, click here.

 I can use only one for my second running back:  Tim Hightower, Earnest Graham, or Delone Carter. – Marcos, Team- Washington Wontons

Cakes: I think this is a no-brainer…Earnest Graham is the call in this scenario.  After suffering a knee injury in the Bucs humiliating 48-3 loss at San Francisco last week, it’s not looking good for LeGarrette Blount to go this weekend against New Orleans.  He missed practice on Wednesday, and is listed as doubtful for his week 6 matchup.  Graham should be the primary ball-carrier, and his receiving skills out of the backfield clinch it, in what could be a high-scoring affair in Tampa.  Start Graham with confidence against a Saints defense that is softer than Funny Danny’s immune system…they allow over 107 rushing yards per game.  Expect 80-90 rushing yards, another 45-55 receiving yards, and a TD in a productive day for the underappreciated Earnest Graham.

Hightower gets no love, due to his 3.5 yards per carry average, a shoulder injury, and the emergence of Ryan Torain.  Carter could be an intriguing flex play against the Bengals, especially if Addai can’t go due to a hamstring injury, but I wouldn’t expect too much from him against the Bengals 6th-ranked rushing defense, that allows just 88.6 rushing yards per game.

I got offered Andre Johnson for Hakeem Nicks. I know Johnson is injured, but he’s arguably the best receiver in the game. Throw in the fact Nicks isn’t the healthiest guy out there. Should I take it? Luke, Team-  Drivin’ With Donte’

Danny: No. Hamstrings are tricky. While I agree that AJ is the best receiver in football, that doesn’t mean he’s the best fantasy receiver this minute. Nicks is as consistent an option as we have in the game. The standard reports of the ‘miracle healing’ that we always hear about guys cannot always be believed. The owner is offering you that trade because he’s desperate. You smell that? It’s panic. You can low-ball him for someone else and if he won’t do it, tell him to enjoy that little flag next to AJ’s name and constant reading of injury reports. You’ve got Nicks. Enjoy it.

I’m hurting this week, Cakes. Rivers is on a bye. My options are Colt McCoy, Josh Freeman, Alex Smith, Jason Campbell, Sam Bradford. What do you think? – Ken, Team- DC’s Finest  

Cakes: Well, I think it comes down to a coin flip between Colt McCoy and Alex Smith.  Let’s eliminate the rest one by one:

Freeman – Just 3 td’s and 6 picks on the season, he has been a bust.  The Bucs will be forced to throw the ball, due to the Blount injury, but I’m still not crazy about his prospects.
Campbell – Facing the league’s 4th-ranked pass defense in Cleveland, and we’ve seen how JCam is succeeding; a punishing running attack and efficient, not spectacular, in the passing game.

Bradford – Will be playing from behind, with the Rams facing the Packers at Lambeau Field, so he could surprise.  He could also get sacked 5+ times and have a horrible stat line at the end of the day.

McCoy has to face the Raiders on the road, but Oakland surrenders nearly 300 passing yards per game, 28th in the league.  But, I have a hard time starting a guy whose top receiving threats are Mohammed Massoquoi and tight end Ben Watson.

So, my call is Alex Smith, at Detroit.  Smith has 5 td’s and 0 interceptions in the 49ers last two games, and back-to-back 100+ QB ratings.  The loss of WR Josh Morgan for the season to a broken leg hurts Smith’s value, but he seems to be the best option that’s available to you this week.

I need to start three RB’s out of the four. McCoy, Gore, Green-Ellis, or Torain? –  Robert,  Team- Da Bears Suk

Danny: Robert, stop bragging about your running back situation. We get it. You have great running backs. McCoy is a must start. The Redskins have over achieved to this point on defense but quicker, pass catching backs have really hurt this defense (Felix Jones’ only 100 yard game of the season). McCoy will have a nice day for you. Gore’s matchup isn’t great vs a strong Detroit front 4 but he still has to be played as well. He’s going to be involved and is good for 20 touches. For the 3rd, I’m going Ryan Torain. Backs that run with authority have torched the Eagles all year long and Torrain, after his inspired performance vs STL, is 1st in line to run downhill against a terrible run D. As for the law firm, he certainly showed something last week. I just don’t think you can trust him on a weekly basis. It’s a different guy each week for NE (besides Brady and Welker) and not being certain gives the nod to those other 3. McCoy/Gore/Torain

Am I the only who thinks Tebow is mediocre at best? He’s still on the waiver wire in my league though, do I cut Kolb for him? Tristan, Team- Tri’s Titans

Cakes: I am slowly coming around on Tebow, at least to his relevancy in fantasy football circles.  He may not lead the Broncos to many wins this season, but he is clearly worth adding to your roster, especially if you’re weak at QB.  In limited playing time against the Chargers last week, he piled up 18 points in standard fantasy scoring formats.  His rushing ability is the “X” factor, and gives his value a boost.  Kolb is a dud, with just 5 touchdowns through the first 5 weeks, and he’s still trying to develop some chemistry with Larry Fitzgerald.  Kolb is expendable at this point, and it looks like Tebow is worth the gamble.  At least you know that Tim Tebow will be praying for wins…for the Broncos, and hopefully,  your fantasy squad!

Hey Danny, Need help with my WR’s . I have Fitz, but do I also start Anquan Boldin, Mike Williams (Tampa) , or DHB? Ron, Team- District Champions

Danny: Lots of experts are still trying to tell us the Mike Williams will break out anytime. I’m not buying it. Sure, their matchup this week with New Orleans is as cushy as they’ll see all year but Tampa’s offense is a hot buttered garbage fire right now. No LeGarrette Blount this week means even less explosion in TB’s O. Darrius Heyward-Bey had a nice couple of weeks. Can we weigh that against his other 28 active weeks of abject futility? I’m going to wait on DHB before I start him en masse. That leaves us with Anquan Boldin. Folks are down on him after last week’s minimal performance against the Jets but don’t panic. That was the worst offensive game played since the advent of the forward pass. The Houston D is highly ranked v the pass but a deeper look reveals the reason why: they’ve played awful pass offenses in 4 of their 5 games. New Orleans had a field day putting up 40 points. There will be opportunities for Boldin to contribute on Sunday. Pick Boldin.


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