It’s Week 5. Hopefully everybody is rolling in their leagues. If not, don’t fret. We are here to help.

Each week, Cakes and Danny Rouhier will answer your questions and give you their opinions on what your moves should be. If you have any questions you’d like them to tackle, click here.

Hey guys, I only need one. Addai vs KC, J. Starks at ATL,  or S. Ridley vs NYJ? Thanks!  – Rob, The Big Tymers

Cakes:  This is a close call, but I’m going to give the edge to Joseph Addai, at home against the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday.  Even though Delone Carter is cutting into his workload a bit, Addai gets to face a Chiefs defense that is yielding 130 rushing yards per game.  With Curtis Painter still feeling his way at QB for Indy, I would expect Addai to see at least 18-20 carries, and you have to love that kind of opportunity.  James Starks loses some value with Ryan Grant expected to return after missing last week with a kidney injury, and Ridley is still trying to unseat BenJarvus Green-Ellis as the top back in New England.  If I had to rank them, it would be Addai, Ridley, Starks.

I have Steve Johnson and AJ Green as my starting receivers. However, Marques Colston just came back. Is he ready to replace one of them and be productive starter? – Jon,  Irish Jig

Danny:   – I’m a facing the same situation in a league this very week. Stevie Johnson has a tough match-up vs Philly this week. We saw what they did to top pass catcher Hakeem Nicks in week 2. Even though the dream team moniker is a fraud, the Eagles have done a good job bottling up other team’s top targets this year. I’m rolling the dice with Colston this week. My usual fantasy MO (in all sports) is to let a guy show me he’s back before I plug him in and Colston certainly didn’t do that this past week but, New Orleans is playing Carolina. Carolina hates defending. New Orleans might score 60 points in this one and you’ve got to figure Colston gets involved a little in that action. I’m betting on Colston rewarding my trust this weekend.

With McCluster’s flexibility and breakout potential, does he warrant replacing McGahee, Best, Wallace or Maclin at all this week? – Chris, Love Big TD’s

Cakes: Let me preface this by saying it’s going to be tough for me to be objective here, having Dexter McCluster in one of my four leagues.  I picked him up off the scrap heap after the devastating season-ending injury to Jamaal Charles in Week 1, thinking his explosive play-making ability would be utilized in a Kansas City offense desperate for a spark.   Well, much like you, I whiffed on McCluster; in the three weeks since the Charles injury, he hasn’t scored a touchdown, and has just 24 carries in that span.  He averages nearly six yards per carry, but his role in the offense hasn’t expanded like most fantasy owners have hoped.  His only real value is in a PPR league, since he does have 17 catches on the season.  It doesn’t make sense to bench any of your other options for McCluster this week.

I just got offered Cam Newton and Ahmad Bradshaw for Chris Johnson and Matt Schaub. I’m thinking about taking it. Tired of CJ. Right move? – Doug, Throwing Samoans

Danny:  -I’ve got CJ in 2 leagues and he is killing me. Like, he’s in my room at night slowly bleeding me with microscopic incisions while I dream of his 2500 yard season. What looked like a bargain at 4 in my draft is now the girl that gained 75 pounds after we got engaged. He showed signs of life last week but I don’t know if we’re going to approach top 10 RB status the rest of the way, let alone top 5. He has scuffled to the tune of 2.9 yards per carry! I’ll say that again, 2.9 yards per &$^#%$@&#^$*& carry! Tennessee’s rush offense is like trying to start a fire with wet sticks and CJ has never been a goaline juggernaut. They are last in the league in rush yards per game and they seem content to have Hasselbeck chuck it around the yard. He was better last week but I’m not buying the return to dominance as he ‘gets his legs’. Tennessee has changed… they’ve changed man. They used to be cool.
Schaub is a steady hand but you saw this past weekend how Houston would like to play: Pound the rock, occasional play-action, then back to the run. 30 carries for Foster is not an aberration. I say pull the trigger. Bradshaw is fine as a RB2 and will get touches for NY. As for Cam, for 4 weeks I kept saying there was no way he was going to keep going… well I’m tired of him embarrassing me. Carolina seems content to let Williams/Steward barely touch the ball so that their young phenom can control their destiny. It may not help them win games but it will help you in fantasy. 40 throws a game and a handful of effective runs and we’ve got shades of Daunte Culpepper on our hands. Do it.

I’m working a trade for a RB, but he wants one of my 3 WR’s. Who do I get rid of? Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, or Vincent Jackson?  Willie- One Man Gang

Cakes: This is a tough one, since all three guys are Top 10-caliber fantasy wideouts.  Though it’s tough to part with him, I would have to dump Nicks, but only if you feel like you’re getting fair value in return with the RB you get in the trade.  To me, Nicks is more expendable due to his injury history, and the Giants multitude of weapons in the running game, with Jacobs and Bradshaw in the backfield.  Throw in the fact that San Diego averages over 313 passing yards per game, and the Steelers average 20 more passing yards per contest than the Giants, and the case is made.  Deal Nicks, but be sure you’re not getting jobbed by a fellow owner in the process.

Hey Danny, What D do I got with this week? Green Bay at Atlanta or the Lions at home on MNF against da Bears. Lions have more points, but I still don’t trust them. – Ahmad, Kap’n Krunch

Danny: Roll with Detroit. What do we know about Chicago? They secretly hate Jay Cutler and want him to get hit constantly. Detroit might give up some points but they’ll hit Cutler enough to snag you a turnover or 2 and that front 4 will sack Cutler multiple times.


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