Redskins tight end Chris Cooley joined The Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner today to explain his comments from Monday in which he said he took pleasure in watching Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys blow a 24-point lead against the Detroit Lions.

Cooley said “I don’t consider it that I was talking trash about the type of player he is or who he is. All I was saying was that I enjoyed watching the Dallas Cowboys lose and I enjoyed the way they lost. That’s not saying he’s a bad player. I just enjoyed the performance.”

Cooley said he doesn’t root for other teams, he just doesn’t like to see division rivals win. “I would expect players of the Cowboys to want us to lose. I clearly expect Cowboy’s fan to want us to play poorly…It makes the game fun. It’s an entertainment business…It makes you root for your team. It makes you care about your players more. I think that’s what were here for.”

As a whole, Cooley thinks everything got blown way out of proportion and he was just having fun when he did the segment with “Lavar and Dukes” on Monday.

Listen To The Full Cooley Interview: 

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  1. dccowboysfan88 says:

    Chris Cooley is a poor man’s Jason Witten. Let’s review:
    Witten- 7x pro bowl selection, Cooley- 2x
    WItten- winner of the NFL Iron Man Award, 5x All Pro, 3x NFL Alumni Tight End Award winner, Cooley- First team all Sunbelt (and boy, that Sunbelt conference is tough)
    Witten- 623 receptions, 7,077 yards, 36 TDs, Cooley- 420 receptions, 4,230 yards, 33 TDs

    Seriously, he has like 7 catches for 66 yards in 4 games this year. He’s going to lose his job to Fred Davis. Dude, maybe if you didn’t suck, you wouldn’t have been watching the Cowboys game from the sidelines.

    By the way, does Chris Cooley remember that they lost to us? Probably not. He’s too stupid to even remember his place in the NFL, which is among the under-achieving, non-elite.

    1. Siknsfanbornraised says:

      You mad bro?

  2. Javier says:

    Breaking ESPN news, Bristol CT
    ESPN journalist came across information that proves the Da Vinci code was wrong, the direct descendant of Jesus Chris was not a young French girl, it is Tony Romo!
    The information was unearthed by reporter Ron Jaworski while on a pilgrimage to Romo’s birthplace, as he prepared to kneel in prayer to his idol.
    After research, ESPN reporters confirmed Mr. Jaworski findings by observing a peculiar case of stigmata on Romo’s neck, in the shape of two squeezing hands which have appeared around his throat, that coupled with the puncture on his side clearly proves Romo’s deity status.
    ESPN journalists Tirico and Gruden would not comment, as both were laying prone at the altar of Romo, crying in disbelief at meeting their savior.
    Also found at the location were traces of NFL defensive players, who had all received glorious gifts from Romo, though the defenders could not be found, as they all appeared to have run back what is known as “pick sixes” thanks to Romo’s generosity.

  3. cooldogsux says:

    interesting, but Cooley still sux.

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