Mike Florio from Profootballtalk.com and NFL on NBC joined “The Sports Junkies” and talked about Michael Vick’s complaints in his press conference after the Eagles loss to the Giants.

Vick claimed that some hits during the game should have warranted a penalty flag for roughing the quarterback.  Florio thinks that he has a valid point but lost his argument once he compared treatment to other quarterbacks around the league.

“I think Michael Vick was heading in the right direction, but when he tried to make it about himself and how he’s being treated differently from other quarterbacks, that’s when it all starts to fall apart because we’ve seen several hits on other quarterbacks at a time when they’re defenseless.”

Florio adds that key distinction is that there are certain hits that are legal and the quarterback can be treated like any other player.  He mentions Tom Brady, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Ryan being hit in an illegal manner but not getting the calls, too.

Listen to all of what Mike Florio had to say about Vick, along with when will the Christian Ponder era start in Minnesota and his latest power rankings below:

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  1. Koyie says:

    Big help, big help. And sluperative news of course.

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