The Washington Redskins were so close to a 3-0 start last night in Dallas.  The depleted Cowboys team gave the Redskins every opportunity to bury them but the Skins red zone ineptitude and Rex Grossman’s turnovers were their undoing.  Still, the play of the game was Tony Romo’s completion to Dez Bryant on third and 21 during the Cowboy’s game winning drive.  And that’s a play the Redskins could have stopped, would have stopped if they approached it differently and should have stopped if they expect to be a playoff team.

Coulda – Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett could have dialed the blitz back and given DeAngelo Hall some help on the critical 3rd and 21.  The blitz could have gotten to Tony Romo.  DeAngelo Hall could have made a play.  Coulda, coulda, coulda …

Woulda – If the Redskins hadn’t run the identical blitz beforehand, maybe Romo would have been surprised.  Instead Romo knew what to expect and made a big play connecting with Dez Bryant.

Shoulda – The Redskins should have won that game.  They didn’t.  And that 3rd and 21 in Dallas may be a play which could come back to haunt them when they’re battling for a playoff spot later in the season.

JP Flaim

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