A lot of listeners ask me what games I play during the week and here is a breakdown of all of my plays for Saturday and Sunday. I won’t tell you how much I bet on them, but you can get an idea of the games I had interest in and you will see why I call weekends, during the football season…work days.

Ok, I was playing with a little bit of house cash going into Saturday because I hit Cincy-7.5 Thursday and BYU-3 on Friday night. BTW, BYU has looked awful this year and I won’t play them at any point the rest of the year…promise.


These are all in chronological order.

First bet of the day was over 29.5 in the first half of the GT-UNC game. Didn’t get there, but should have. GT couldnt be stopped. Best running game in the country. Score at half was 17-7.

I, also, went over 58 for the game, winner 35-28. GT-7 for the game. Push. I got lucky with a late score.

Moneyline parlay Notre Dame and Michigan. I sweated the Irish because they have more turnovers than Dave Krieg, but they won. Michigan was easy.

Michigan-SDST under 57 for the game. SDST looked awful in the passing game and only scored 23 at Army 2 weeks ago and they love to run it with Ronnie Hillman. Easy win.

One of my bigger bets was Maryland and Iowa in a moneyline parlay. Terps performance was easliy one of the worst I have ever seen. Danny Obrien should be benched for 2 weeks for that.

I threw in 2 baseball bets, Yanks over Sox and Rays over Toronto. Both easy.
Yanks were +145 at home against a reeling team. No brainer.

2 game tease…Mich St-15 and over 43…easy. I should have played Sparty flat, but I was hesitant after they looked so awful at South Bend.

Over 26.5 in Michigan-SDST in 2nd half. Michigan was moving it at will, but shut it down in 4th qtr. Not even close. 7-7.

Miami-7 in first half vs KST. Miami’s offense was awful all day. Jacory Harris is so overrated and he is terrible at checking down. Im glad they lost. 14-3 at half KST.

Miami-12.5 for the game. Not even close. They are another team, along with VaTech and BYU that I will never play the rest of the year.

Oregon St-3 in first half vs UCLA…loser.

Over 34.5 OKST TXAM in first half. Brandon Weeden was awful in first half, totally different team in 2nd. 20-3 at half. Holding penalty on TXAM on a kickoff return for a TD didnt help.

So I stopped the bleeding with Florida-KY over 21.5 in first half. 31-10.

Clemson-2 over FSU. Boyd and Watkins are legit. Easy winner.

Boise Tulsa over 33 in first half. score was 27-0. Another coach who likes to play with himself at halftime in the locker room is Chris Petersen. They should have been up 40-0 and GJ Kinne sucks.

I went over 62 in Boise-Tulsa game. If Tulsa scores 1 effing point in the first half I win this. Ends in a push.

VaTech-20 at Marshall. Good teams would have buried this team, but Frank Beamer pulls his own pudd in the closet while other coaches go out and recruit good players. David Wilson fumbled deep in Marshall turf that would have sealed it. That’s why Tech will never win a BCS Title game. Never good enough. This was a push by the way.

Over 63 in ECU-UAB..loser. How does ECU only score 28 at home?

Over 68 in OKST game…loser because the best part of Weeden was dripping down his own leg in first half.

ECU-9 in first half…only up 4..loser.

And Texas Tech -15.5 over Nevada. There was absolutely no fire in TT and they should have killed Nevada. They won 35-34.

TT and Nevada over 31 in first half. 14-7 loser.

Another moneyline parlay loser. Utah St and LSU. Aggies lost at home to a terrible Colorado St team.

So if you are counting Im 8-14 so far with 3 pushes, but then I went on a run.

LSU-6 for the game. One of my bigger bets. Never worried. West Vir not even close to SEC ready. LSU-3 in first half. Owned it.

Bama and Washington in parlay…easy.

Oregon over 33.5 in first half over AZ. Mike Stoops will get fired after this year and he should change his last name to Poops because that’s all he is good for. Easy win.

Oregon over 63.5 for the game. No sweat. They could move the ball on the Chiefs.

Oregon and Hawaii parlay. Like taking Mrs. Bickel’s lunch money. Monitz for Hawaii threw 7 tds.

Dropped a late baseball game in, Angels on the runline over Oaktown…winner 4-2.

So finished Saturday 15-14 -3 with a couple big play hits and 2 parlays. House money.


Woke up with a stiffy because I loved Green Bay and Carolina. Both hit. Got lucky in GB game becuz the 82 year old blind ref called a hold on a ghost on a punt return for Chicago that would have backdoored me.

Carolina winner. Looked like Hurricane Irene. 2 game tease Atl +7.5 and GB over 39. Easy.

Gave some back on the next few. Pats Saints parlay. Saints over 26.5 in first half. Lost by a hooker because Houston couldnt
score touches.

Pats Eagles tease…loser.

Lions -2.5 in first half. Loser.

Then I went monkeyass poo.

Pats-4 first half
Pats over 27.5 first half
Pack -2.5 first half
Pats over 53.5 for the game
Saints over 51 for the game
Detroit pushed
Yanks in first game of DH
Rays over Tor….all fat ones.

lost Yanks 2nd game to close the door.

Final numbers for the weekend..25-19-4. +money.

That was my weekend. All work. What did you do ?

Comments (4)
  1. Bruce T. Hugger says:

    I prayed for you

  2. Larrie T. Corquie says:

    Lurch doing more than 5 mins of work outside the show?
    they must be getting paid quite a bit for these things

  3. Paul Hawes says:

    I just want to send a shout out to Craig Davis for my 5 team College parlay. Oregon, Baylor, Bamma, Ok State, and LSU they all covered…$$$$ So my Saturday was great..

    My Sunday sucked thanks to Philly and the Pats.

  4. David says:

    Nice. Lost probably 75% of my bets this weekend. Should have just gone to a farm, bent over, and gotten horse pounded by Seabiscuit.

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