Redskins are 2-0, but are fans buying this team?  Seems like Skins fans are divided.  One half is all in on the Redskins after beating division rival Giants and coming from behind at home to beat the Cardinals Sunday.  The other half thinks you need to play an “elite” team in the NFL to gauge how this Skins teams fair around the league.

EB is excited about the team, but also thinks Redskins could lose their next five games.

“I think it’s possible we lose our next five games.  I’m looking at the schedule.  I’m not saying that for shtick.  I’m looking at a tough game Monday night at Dallas.  I’m looking at a tough game the week after before the bye against the St. Louis Rams.  That’s a different Rams team.  And then you come back after the bye week presumably Michael Vick will be there and you’re playing against what everybody said the best team in football in the Philadelphia Eagles.  Then you have Cam Newton, Rookie of the Year already…”

Listen to some calls during the show and hear how fans are reacting to this 2-0 Redskins team:


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