Ever since the Maryland Terrapins revealed their 1,568 combinations of uniforms, there has been much hype around the reasoning behind them. In their opening game against Miami, the Terps sported white uniforms with parts of the Maryland State Flag all over it. Some talked about hating it, some talked about loving it, but everyone talked about it.

Many wondered why they would do something like this. Even if you are in the boat of liking the uniform because they were loud and different, they weren’t the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world. ESPN debated it, Deadspin featured it, local new couldn’t get enough of it. Then it dawned on everyone.

Underarmour and UMD are a pretty good group of geniuses. Everyone is talking about Maryland Terrapins Football. The same Terrapins football that has qualified 7 wins as a great season for years. The same Terrapins football team that seemingly couldn’t find a coach after last season. Now they are the talk of the town, the nation, but most importantly: the recruits.

It may be too early to call them “The Oregon of the East”, but you can’t deny that they are getting exactly what they wanted out of this. For the first time in a very long time, recruits are looking at Maryland as a cool place to go. John Feinstein joined Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier to discuss what this new found attention will mean for the university. He warns however “They have to be careful climbing the ladder”.

To hear the rest of John’s interview, click here:


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