Washington Post columnist Jason Reid joined “The Sports Junkies” to talk about Rex Grossman beating out John Beck for the starting quarterback for week one’s matchup against the Giants.

Reid had previously written a column that said the Redskins organization wanted Beck to be the team’s starter but after four preseason games, Grossman out played him and was named starter by Mike Shanahan.

“The point of the column was, or at least the point I was trying to get people to understand, is that they looks at [John Beck] as being someone who can do some special things here.¬†”

Reid also adds that his story about the quarterback battle being “fixed” wasn’t a news story, but an opinion that he thought after talking to people within the organization.

If Beck had performed better in the last preseason game against Tampa Bay, Reid claims that he would have been the starter. ¬†Beck was staring down receivers and wasn’t very accurate combined with Grossman’s NFL experience mucked up the Redskins’ plan to have Beck be as the opening day starter said Reid.

Listen to the full Jason Reid interview with the Junkies below:

Comments (2)
  1. Gus says:

    who writes these articles?

  2. Pete says:

    Funny, these guys always try to straddle the fence when they are wrong with opinion (Jason Ried) or what they write. Thats why there opinion means absolutely nothing.

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