Two-time Heisman Trophy winner and Ohio State football legend Archie Griffin joined “The Sports Junkies” with week one of the NCAA season starting tonight and was asked about the state of Ohio Sate football amidst the controversy with players getting tattoos and head coach Jim Tressel resigning.

After the turmoil, Griffin believes that it’s a good opportunity for the university to show that it still has great players and coaches and also a great brand of football, too.

He also adds that the improper benefits student-athletes receive now is just the same as in years past.  The only difference is that the increase in social media and college football coverage makes it easier to shine a spotlight on cheating programs.

Still, the two-time Heisman winner thinks the Ohio State scandal hurt his alma mater.

“We certainly took a black eye with all the things that went on here at Ohio State, and we’ve suffered a big penalty when you consider the fact we lost one of the best coaches in college football in my opinion, and one of the best quarterbacks in college football in my opinion.”

Listen to Archie Griffin below:

[audio_link url=”“name=”Archie Griffin”artist=”Sports Junkies”]


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