Tom Green Unleashes The Fury with Danny Rouhier

Tom Green is performing at the DC Improv all weekend long, and he is being opened up by The Fan’s Danny Rouhier as well.

On Friday morning, Tom and Danny sat down to talk about comedy and growing up in Canada. Which of course includes a lot of talk about hockey.

Listen Here:

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  • Lynne Dee

    Great job Danny!! I’m a Rockin The REd Caps Fan! When I am at the game and we UnLeash The Fury I don’t have to get sucked in to yell my head off and bruise my hand shaking my cow bells!! It makes the hair on the back of neck stand up when the roof is blowing off Verizon Center and Tom shows up on the Jumbotron!! Ted’s Take says Tom coild show up in person this season!! Can hardly wait!! Hopefull we will get advaanced notice!

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