Albert Haynesworth’s attorney A. Scott Bolden joins “The Sports Junkies”  to talk about the former Redskins Defensive Tackle’s “no contest” plea of a sexual assault allegation from a waitress at the “W” hotel.

During the trial there were also allegations of witnesses being bribed on the prosecution and defense’s side.

Bolden stated that there were discussion about the complaints of witness tampering and an affidavit was filed but government witness tampering is not true because those are confidential.

Haynesworth’s attorney also sees the no contest deal beneficial to his client.

“It’s a deal that allow him not to make any admission regarding the facts of the case, and secondly, the opportunity over the next 18 months with community service and the assessment to possibly, or if it fills those issues, the case could be dismissed.”

He also adds it’s a sensible deal because Haynesworth has the opportunity to control the outcome.  However although the criminal case has been settled, the victim can file a civil lawsuit against him.

To listen to the full A. Scott Bolden audio, click below:


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