EB, from the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan, tentatively discussed Redskins radio analyst Sam Huff’s future calling games this morning and came to the conclusion that he would feel better if he retired.

The former Washington Redskins linebacker has caught criticism from different blogs and message boards about saying incoherent or just plain crazy statements during Redskins broadcasts.

For instance, Sam Huff said the Skins were ranked 31st in defense out of the 37 teams in the NFL last year.  There’s only 32 teams in the league.  Also, he didn’t know holding was 10 yards and has confused the game clock with the play clock.

EB is worried that Huff will start being remembered for his radio gaffs instead of his great play. 

“My memory of Sam Huff is not of his playing days, but of his catastrophic botches on the radio.  They need to stop it now.  You know this from Psychology 101, you remember things that happen to you first and things that what happen to you last.”

Listen to more of The Sports Junkies discussing Sam Huff in the broadcast booth below.

  1. bruce chanel says:

    I don’t care for the mediocrity of Larry Michael ‘s play by play. And his submarining of Frank Herzog. And the smugness of Sonny has bugged me for years. Hell Sam is funny and been making mistakes for years. Thats part of the schtick. I bet if I kept track of EB’s streams of consciousness rambligs Ii could come up with lots and lots of mistakes.

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