Bermuda was one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. I enjoyed the gorgeous weather and most of all the friendly people. We went out to eat every night we were there and we were able to mingle and socialize with the locals. We learned a great deal about history and the overall love for Bermuda. Everyone seemed to have a great sense of pride to be from Bermuda.

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  1. Doug Staurulakis says:

    LaVar, I am a huge fan of yours from both your talents on the field and your radio show. I have been going to Bermuda since I was six years old everything that you have said is completely true about Bermuda. Bermuda is most likely the most beautiful place on earth. My family and I, have been there enough that we get invited to holidays with local. Tuckers Point is amazing it use to be the Marriot on castle harbor but they have done a ton of work with it and it turned out amazing. Plus the food kicks ass Bermuda fish chowder kicks ass especially at Tuckers Point, it seems to be their specialty. But I totally agree with you about Bermuda being a special place, however, if you need any recommendations if you plan on going back anytime soon just let me know.


  2. Brett says:

    Lavar you are disgusting human being for defending Penn State.

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