Host of ESPN’s Sports Science John Brenkus joins the Junkies to offer his expert physical and biological analysis as to why Plaxico Burress has the skills and ability to make a comeback for the Jets this season after being in jail for gun possession.

Brenkus claims that Plaxico’s explosiveness is even greater than it once was because of the new training and workouts he did while in prison.

“[Burress] said that he had never previously worked out with his legs.  He said that he would always be able to get by with what he had.  He said, literally, he would work out six ways to Sunday on his lower body and his core, which he had largely ignored throughout his career.”

Plaxico was measured on height, speed, leaping ability and explosiveness and tested through the roof.  One drill Brenkus had Burress do was run blind routes, where he would run different types of patterns like an out or hitch without seeing where he was on the field.  Plaixco did this with perfection.

Listen to what else Brenkus had to say below.


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