Junkies compared this year’s offense to last year’s, where the Redskins averaged about 18 points per game and were struggling to figure out where points were going to come from with an unproven quarterback at the helm.

EB was pessimistic about the Skins’ firepower on offense while JP couldn’t see them putting up such a lower amount.  Even playing catch-up would allow them to put points up in the board.

Naturally, the conversation evolved into predictions for the Redskins.  Although it is pre-preseason, the guys couldn’t help trying to predict their recording leading up to the Week 4 bye.

EB, JP, Cakes and Bret couldn’t see giving the Skins more than one win, and that’s the dreadful Cardinals flying across country to play at Fed Ex field for a 1PM start. 

Giants seem to always have Washington’s number, their first road game is against rival Dallas and the Rams are no push over as they are a team on the rise.

Listen to the discussion below and give your take on how the Redskins offense and first four games will fair.


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