Baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian joins the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan to talk some baseball and gives his expert opinion on Stephen Strasburg’s Tommy John’s surgery recovery.

He also discusses Bryce Harper’s struggles in Double-A and how it will help him develop and why Jayson Werth hasn’t been producing at the plate.

Kurkjian was not only impressed with Strasburg’s recovery and ability to throw mid 90’s in a simulated game, but sees how much more ready he is to be the ace of the Nats’ pitching staff after talking to him.

Strasburg has gone from a deer in headlights to more willing and poised to take over the number one starter role.

As far has Harper goes, Nats fans shouldn’t be worried about his troubles hitting in the minors.  Kurkjian believes that everyone goes through these types of slumps when reaching the majors and it’s better for him as a player to experience them now and work through it in a minor league level instead of at the big show.

However, Werth’s struggles have been perplexing but expects him to rebound.

“I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, that you know, the pressure of the contract and all that, but you know that’s going to end here real soon because they didn’t give him $126 million to hit .212.”

Listen to Kurkjian’s comments below.


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